• A maid.
  • A card, a very thoughtful card. Or make it yourself.
  • something to put it ALL in...
  • A coupon for a DAY OFF. No kids, no cleaning, no cooking. Just a day to relax at a spa or even just a nice day out shopping alone, with no strollers to push and no diaper bags to haul.
  • I'm sure by linking to this website, some of you will develop another obsession. Anyway, all these links were from today's front page, so imagine the number of cool stuff you can find in a few year's worth of pages... and in the future, you can get her this machine
  • a weekend at a nice bed and breakfast or a mothers ring...
  • ask her what she wants and then buy it for her
  • A gift card to het favorite store or business for when she runs out of or breaks one of her everythings. Donate money in her name to her favorite charity or yours if she doesnt have one. Time spent with you. Take her to a movie if you dont want to talk. Take her to lunch for a short chat time or to dinner if you actually like her.

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