• A set of pens with his/her name engraved on them
  • Find out how old his/her kid(s) is and get a present for the kid.
  • Raid his garbage for ideas. If you're lucky, you'll discover his tastes in wine.
  • I would get a plaque of some sort with an inspirational poem that represents how he has impacted your life as a teacher and person.
  • Some professors (myself included) will not accept gifts from current professors. It's most appropriate to give a gift once you're no longer a student. The best gift is a sincere letter (physical is better than email) saying how much you've valued his/her teaching/mentoring/advising. That means the world to professors. If you write a formal letter (which is not necessary), consider cc'ing it to the department head, provost, or alumni magazine. Many professors read their ratings at, so consider posting there. Another nice gift is a donation to the school in the professor's honor. The professor will be notified of the gift. Homemade food is appreciated (and small enough that it's not likely to be seen as a bribe even if the semester isn't over). If the professor doesn't want to eat it, he/she can bring it to a staff meeting, give it to students, etc. A gift card to a local bookstore, restaurant, or coffee shop would be appropriate.
  • It is not kosher to give gifts to a college professor. Just don't.
  • An eager young female student.
  • There are several ideas to give present to college professor. Here are some ideas: - Grammar Stamps - Printed T-Shirt - Novel and Motivational Books - Printed Coffee Mug

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