• She taught me to sing, just by being able to listen to her.
  • My Stepmom - I learned a lot of her personality and learned how to treat the public with kindness - She was a really great mom
  • She brang me into the world. She kept me alive for 16 years. She is the only person who cuddles me. She got me out of a very dangerous environment. She tries her very hardest, and I am not exactly easy. She tries to make sure I have everything I need. She is the only person in my family who encourages me in any way. She hasn't taken my door away like she threatened to. She does her best to keep me safe There are a million reasons really. I am very grateful to her
  • Because she loves me, she's beautiful, strong, gracious and I am very proud to be her daughter.
  • please delete
  • For giving me a wonderful loving upbringing and being supportive in any decision that I made in my life whether it was right or wrong.
  • Some fabulous genetic and nurture gifts - her music, her language, her humor, her courage and toughness, her adapability, her love of our dad and the six! of us. My least verbal sibling sent her a Mother's Day card once that said simply, "Thanks for letting me come." My sentiments exactly - and she "packed our bags" well, too.
  • with her drinking she taught me what kind of mother I DON'T want to be which I think makes me a pretty do mom. Also I do not think the alcohol geene will go much farther in my family because my sister and i are not much of a drinker. she also made we a stronger person i think. I guess drinking has it high points lol
  • I'm grateful to my mom because she is so selfless.
  • My mother raised my sister and I alone, with little help from anyone. She taught us both independance and strength, and she really did the best she could. Since I have gotten older, our relationship has only strengthened, and she has turned into my best friend. I have the best mom in the world.
  • For giving me life, for loving & caring for me & for guiding me in the right direction to become the person I am today.
  • I am grateful that she is still here. My mom and I have never seen eye to eye, she is controlling and negative alot. But, if I catch her on a good day, she can be quite pleasant and has a great sense of humor. She has been bitter ever since her and dad split up, 26 years ago.But,she is my mom, and I love her.
  • because she is always there for me when i need her and she just loves to help others and even when she was going through breast cancer which she has beaten,she was always a trooper and never let it get her down. She is strong and fearless,and i love her so.
  • She gave birth to me and revealed me to this world. That's about it. Oh, and she taught me my ABC's.
  • I'm grateful to my mom because she always knows the right thing to say when I am confused and making mountains out of mole hills. She's loving and smart and beautiful and she taught me to treat people like I want to be treated or better. I have.
  • She taught me so much just by being the person she is. She has led by example and remained true to herself and her beliefs.
  • Because she Loves me.
  • She didn't like her mother much and did everything she could not to be like her (she was alcoholic and mean). I appreciate her breaking the chain as much as possible so that my life was and is much happier than it could have been.
  • I am grateful to my mum for birthing me and raising me to be the person I am, and everything else she has done for me. But, every single single day I thank her for making sure I was educated.
  • coz she always forgive me foe every misbahve i did wid her nd she waz having a cruel time during my birth
  • She used to bring me beer back from the supermarket.
  • She is my MOTHER
  • She gave me life! And has not ever judged me for how what I'm choosing to do with it.
  • because she gave me my looks and sense of humor...LOL. and the whole LIFE thing is pretty cool too. Thanks Mom
  • Because she did her best in horrible conditions and because she treats my children really special

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