• Or boxer briefs?
  • That I just threw him and his stank-ass briefs (ugh) out the door..
  • he always wore boxers until recently he got briefs... eww tightey whities wtf? should I be worried?
  • Okay...people. Honestly? You're crazy. I wear briefs. Is it really that repulsive? I have cool briefs that are very manly. No they aren't white. They're red, green, blue, gray, black and brown. I used to wear boxers all the time. My girlfriend giggles at my briefs and even was so repulsed by their dorkiness today that she had to turn away. But why is it so bad? Why are they SO nerdy? I look good in them.
  • Like Dr Physician, I will never understand why guys don't all wear briefs, and I don't get why a woman would be repulsed. They are real men's underwear. Tell your gf to take a hike, Doc! Briefs rule.
  • It tells me what kind of shorts he wears. But you forgot Commando.
  • pretty stupid!!!! so what if he wears this or that.....leave him the fuck alone! I wear briefs.......too bad if they're not the thing to wear......I wear what's comfortable.....tried boxers and they just weren't for me..........ALTHOUGH as a gay guy I like to check guys out who wear them.......used to work with a guy who wore them, and I could tell just how much he had, so to speak........sure was fun going into work every day!! LOL......and to make it even more frustrating, he was a very handsome man, with the DEEPEST blue eyes I ever saw........ever!!!..........- sigh - that was about 30 yrs. ago & I still think about him once in a while!! LOL........
  • Not much more than whether your guy prefers roomy shorts or supportive briefs.
  • nothing

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