• 12 hours 3 days a week. This way, I have more days off than I have to work. It just feels better.
  • 7 hours five days a week. It's one less hour of work!
  • didnt someone just ask this? Id like to have more lesure time.. so id have to say 12hr days... yyou dont work for my boss do you?
  • My hours are 40 hours a week. my last shift done was a 13 hour shift. so i would prefer to do 13.3 hours for 3 days then do a 5 day week. :-D
  • 12 hours, 3 days a week. I could get more personal stuff done and sleep in.
  • 3 12 hour days - no question. I'd love to have 4 days off each week to do whatever I wanted/needed. On top of that - it's 4 hours less each week than I have to work right now - so that's an extra added bonus!
  • I would rather work 5 days a week rather than 12 hour shifts due to the fact that my firm makes me work almost every weekend and all the bank holidays so I don't get to see all things I like to do in my spare time such as photogaphy and going to classic car show and other events and I like to spent time with my mum and dad and I don't have time to find my future wife.
  • I did the 12 hours for three days a week on night shift years ago and it was great, as I finished at 7 on Friday morning and didn't have to go back until Tuesday night.
  • Well I currently work 10 hour shifts 4 days a week. So I could do two more hours and get the extra day off.
  • I would rather do 3 days than you get 2 extra days off, would suit me to the ground :)
  • I currently work a 12 1/2 hour, 3 day - 4 day week. I prefer that over a 5 day week.
  • Yeah, 12 hour 3 day work is much better. These days I'm on 12 hour 5 days shift. Last Thursday I was working 8 am to 2 am, 18 hours straight without any extra pay :(

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