• Own a house...I don't like the idea of being kicked out which we have worried about with our dog a lot. He's a pit and we finally bought a house so we didn't have to worry about it anymore. (provided idiots don't ban them in the county) Plus, it's nice to have a yard, not be so close to neighbors and to be able to do what you want with the place. HAVE to take care of a house unless you're rich and can hire someone to do it.
  • A House - I'm in a duplex now
  • A house. I hate living in this apartment complex. It's only redeeming quality is that it's the home I shared with Jay.
  • A house. Because I like to live in a house of my design
  • In a house. I dont think there'd be enough room for the horses in an appartment. . Somehow. Besides which, I tend to make a lot of noise.
  • I have lived in the same house my whole life. Bought from my mother. Im tired of the taxes, the upkeep, the new garbage laws here. I would love to live in an apartment complex. There's some real nice ones around here. Oh, to dream!!!!
  • A house
  • I think on a normal basis, I would say a house...but today, I feel like living in an apartment. >.<
  • House. I lived in apartments and I hate worrying the jerk upstairs smoking and burning the place to the ground.
  • House, log house, never in an apartment near other people. I like quiet and a sense of remoteness:-)
  • I hated living in an apartment. I much prefer the privacy and quietness of my own home.
  • A House because we can have more privacy and have own gardening.
  • I love owning our own house. I liked it better before we bought our rental house, because I haven't been able to hire help with the yard and pool, but once the tenants get stabilized, it should get better.
  • An apartment is cool and I won't even have to cut the grass.
  • Yes! This box is getting crowded, and the wiring for internet doesn't always work. I'd love to live in an apartment or house! . honestly though, I would prefer a house over an apartment. More upkeep and such, but also more freedom.
  • house definitely!! though if I had to do it again I would have bought a detached condo instead yard work seems to never end
  • I actually own a house, but I don't live there anymore. We moved to an apartment because it cost too much to heat. The rent is almost $200. cheaper because I don't have to pay utilities or garbage collection. It also saves me about $250. a month for gas commuting. The plusses: No grass to mow,no weeds to pull, no utilities to pay, No upkeep, no noisey barking dogs, central air,& less housework, the minuses: close neighbors, no garden space, less privacy, less storage space. If I want the great outdoors, I can go to the farm. Nine room - Four bedroom house to Five room - 2 bedroom apt.
  • A house!! Two years ago we sold our home in the country to move to town, because of my hubby's health problems. We didn't find a new house right away so we moved to an apartment for 2 months. It was the longest two months of my life. It was the first time we ever lived in an apartment, and the last!
  • I have lived in houses for ~50% of my life. I have lived in TOWNHOMES for ~25%. And I have rented apartments for another 25%. I will never live in an apartment unless absolutely necessary. Townhomes are my favorite, since all of the dudgework (snow removal and lawn care) is paid for from monthly dues.

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