• I'm not, because they don't. Ah well, even if they do, we still have a better grasp of every other word!
  • Somewhat. However this is counteracted by their inability to drive on the correct side of the road and their tendency to simplify spellings (e.g. 'cheque' becomes 'check')
  • Not really, I've never really even thought about it to be honest
  • i'm canadian and i have a good grasp on 'whom' and how to properly use it in a sentence
  • the easiest way to look at 'who and whom' is to change the sentence around and replace the who and whom with he and him....he=who and him=whom. example: Who are you going to hire for the job?....invert the sencence you are going to hire "him" for the job. hence 'Whom are you going to hire for the job?' is correct. hopefully this helps. i find it to work with 95% of the stuff i proofread
  • They MAY use "whom' better ( I do not know), but seem to have forgotten the difference between "who" "which" and "that". As an Aussie, I wince every time I see sentences like "The man, that came to the door...". A MAN is a WHO, not a THAT.
  • Im English and can honestly say i dont think i have ever used the word whom,except in the title of the film and novel "For WHOM the bell tolls".
  • It's true, our language usage is messed up completely.
  • You know, I have never felt jealous about that. I may envy a little the seeming freedom to express ones self, how big everything appears and the fact that there history is so vibrant, but never about the word whom. Maybe I just don;t have my priorities right.
  • To whom are you referring?, what examples can you proffer as proof of this grammatical inadequacy? In all nationalities there are people that tend to have a problem being grammatically correct.. Maybe it would be a good idea for everyone with an English Education to start deriding the way that American people spell.That rudeness is not yet something that I have encountered on Answerbag If you wish to tell a person that they are using a word incorrectly that is up to you but you cannot include a whole nation in such a sweeping statement.
  • :)Sorry this was intended as a comment

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