• Yeah - Being pulled over and I was in the back asleep (passed out ) and it woke me up and I'm glad I pretended to stay asleep - They were looking for someone - so we got to go on after they looked inside the car with their flashlight - We were lucky - I don't drink anymore
  • Yes. I flew from JFK to Stockholm in Feb of 1988. We left at 9pm. for what was supposed to be an 8 hr. flight. KLM. Spaceballs was the in-flight movie. I watched the sun go down and come up in like 2 hrs, and then I got there like noonish? the next day. I had the worst heartburn from the ? (not sure what meal to call it, but it had really spicy carrots.) It was the worst jet-lag experience imaginable.
  • Yes. When I was in my teens, my father would only drive great distances at night, because the roads were clear then. So at 11 o'clock at night, he and Mum would wake us up and bundle us into the car - we had to be wrapped up because Dad turned the air conditioning on very strongly and very cold to make sure he stayed awake. Most of the time, we'd get to our destination - the docks at Auckland (New Zealand) sometime in the early morning (3 or 4 am) and have to stay in the car until the shops opened. The night watchmen used to come around and shine a torch in the car on their rounds as well, which was pretty creepy. Our ferry didn't leave until something like 11am the next day, so you can imagine how it was with four children and a dog in the car waiting for that.
  • Yes I was travelling from Abilene, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida . I arrived at Love Field in Dallas, late at night only to find the Airport was closed. The taxi had driven off so I had no way of getting back to a hotel. As my flight on South West Airlines was first out in the morning. I spent the night in a darkened Airport the only other person I saw was a women asleep in the ladies loos. Not even security were in evidence. I assure you it was a very surreal experience, airports are always such busy places, It was as if the world had emptied overnight. A very eerie experience Good thing I am a seasoned traveller and not of a nervous disposition.
  • On my way to Ft. Lauderdale from Baltimore. Flying down 95 South with the top down, doing 92 mph - feeling exhilerated, liberated and excited...Made the trip in less than 14 hours and drove all the way, non stop. ( Yes, I did get a ticket! LOL)
  • To come back to Sydney from Bali, which I try to do annually, I take the "red-eye", which leaves Denpasar at 11.30 pm and gets into Sydney in the morning.The worst thing is that usually I have to sit up all night (as I am in economy), so when I saw that a middle set of seats was empty, I decided to claim them. (I had, because of politeness lost the seats on previous flights). So, even though the staff said we had to wait till we were up in the air before changing seats, I literally threw myself across these seats. I am 50 years old, mind you, so my flight through the air and landing on these seats got a round of applause from the teenagers on the flight.
  • A nearly empty aircraft, Chicago to Baltimore red-eye flight. Cold enough to snuggle with my husband under our coats. It wasn't the "mile high" club, but he'll never forget it :o)
  • When I was 16 with a fresh new license to break in, and a new ( to me) mustang to break in. My partner in crime and I would tell our parents we were having a sleep over somewhere and would go party it up in one of 10 college campuses within 2 hours of our hometown. We had so many crazy nights, but one in particular where we were partying in Madison and at about midnight the night got dull. Being 16 year old girls we got on our cell phones and found a party in Milwaukee, being juvenile we thought the drunken ride would be a blast…so off we went at midnight on a two and a half our drive to a party in Milwaukee they may or may not be still going when we arrived. The shear spontaneity of my adolescent self brings back many late night memories.
  • The first year I was married my husband and I were traveling at night and got off the highway to go pee and get a soda, We ended up in this place called Crump Swamp. The lady working the the convenience store was chasing a Luna Moth around with a can of bug spray. We got spooked by the whole vibe, and couldn't find a way back onto the highway. At one point we stopped so my husband could urinate on the side of the road. I was so freaked out by the place that I thought I was in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and my husband would get back into the car a pod person. To this day, we can't find this Crump Swamp on a map. Sometimes I think we imagined the whole thing.
  • Crossing the Canadian border at 4am with rotten bananas under a seat. We were all younger and a bunch of innocent nervous wrecks. Border patrol smelled it and actually tormented us while pretending to look, and then waved us through smiling. Strange, and kind of funny.
  • Yes, going down to Florida with mother in law driving and going crazy when we got into Stark, FL. I thought she was falling asleep and I starting shrieking every time she got close to the shoulder.
  • Going to a casino in Indiana. weather forecast had stated that a snow storm was close to our destination, but not in our travel path. NOT........ My wife and i ran smack into a blizzard. a complete whiteout. snow flakes were falling bigger than silver dollars. visibility was down to about 5 feet. everyone turned on their emergency flashers, to avoid a rear end collision. one lane open and filling up fast with snow. i have never seen snow flakes that large. we followed the tire tracks of the auto about 10 feet in front of us. speed was about 6 mph. a treacherous drive. Did we make it? was the trip to the casino worth it? Yes. we already had a comp. room and brought our winnings back to Tennessee. The man who made that weather forecast, must have been on acid.
  • Yes, years ago on a plane bound for Germany. The plane was full of only military GI's. Was a quite fun and interesting flight.
  • Yes. Travelling with my girlfriend on an overnight train between Utrecht and Stuttgart and having a a couchette cabin all to our selves we naturally took advantage of the situation. Mid-way through some very passionate lovemaking someone came in and stole all our baggage (two backpacks) and the clothes we had pulled off and left on the floor. When we reported the theft to the conductor we were draped only in some towels that another passengers had kindly provided. and they never did catch the thief, but we discovered how good people can be when the family of a station attendant at Stuttgart organised new clothes for us, gave us breakfast and 20 deutschmarks to tide us over
  • We were on our way to Disneyland from Denver Colorado. My Dad wanted to visit as many sights as possible on the way. We finally got into Las Vegas at midnight, in the middle of August, and it was over 100 degrees. All three of us kids were sick, and miserable. We first tried to stay in a park, where dozens of other people were, but finally Dad realized we really were sick, and we all went to the hospital for three(cool)days. We had to miss a few sights, but had a great time in Disneyland.
  • Traveling on a Greyhound for 36 hours and trying to sleep in the bus with my legs up on the windows, or curled up in the seats, and it never worked. I was so dead after the trip, not to mention eating nothing but hamburgers and chocolate bars and drinking gallons of watered down cheap border restaurant coffee. I did a lot of thinking though, especially at night when I couldn't really see much outside and wasn't distracted by stray bears, forests and mountains.
  • Seoul Korea, 3 a.m. streets still crowded, lights everywhere it seems as if the city is afire with neon, the smells of foods known and unknown assail me at every turn, there's music and laughing and people move like an ocean pushing you up the street in the current until I find the next interesting bar/club to spill into. Beautiful women everywhere, and the music is pumping, surprisingly it is an American dance song from the 80's, I order a drink and move into the crowd of gyrating bodies. Los Angeles, sitting on the rooftop of a hotel that has a lounge bar on the roof, a place called The Standard, it's cold outside but there's heaters and the city is beautiful. Everyone mingles and talks of gucci and prada and bently, about art that is tasteful but they know nothing about, the banality of it all a backdrop to the eccentric lies and expensive drinks that surround me, I feel like a tourist taking mental snapshots of a place I can visit but can never (and would never want to) be a part of.
  • Finding an injured and dying racoon in the middle of the road.
  • During a light but steady rain on the Champs de Ellyses, in Paris several years ago, I sat down at an outdoor bistro for a glass of wine and some cheese when a couple sat down near me. I heard them speak English and I had a bottle of wine sent to their table and before you know it, we spent 3-4 hours just talking--me about America, them about their home in Sweden and it resulted in a long time correspondence until I finally made it to Stockholm last fall.
  • I want to share my south sea islands experience. I have just got back from Fiji. Most of my time was spent working on contract in Suva. But I took a break at the end and lashed out for a bit of resort living. Talk about living in paradise! It's a truly beautiful place and the people are very friendly. But there are some very interesting things going on that viasitors like me would never come across, unless they happened to meet a chap who calls himself Johnny. I met jonny in an interesting bar with an Irish name that is a throbspot in suva. Jonny seems to have a few jobs one of he's jobs is to be a pimp. He just walked up to me and asked me straight out if I wanted a beautiful young girl. I said that I was my meeting my Dutch girlfriend in Nadi the next day andshe was beautiful enough for me. Jonny was very gentlemanly about this and suggested we have a drink. In fact we had quite a few drinks and it was after the fourth or fifth vodka and beer chaser that he told me about his other life as a criminal, but hes no ordinary crim. jonny told me he does work for the fiji military, it's interesting work and involves stealing like stealing stuff from foreigners like laptop computers. When I told jonny I didn't have a laptop on this trip, he just laughed and said hes only interested in foreign diplomats and certain busines people who are doing business in Fiji. Now that ist a south seas experience that I didn't expect!!!!

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