• Fruit has calories just like cake does and if you consume more calories than you burn you will gain weight. You will also have diarrhea. lol
  • I would love if that was true! Fruit has a lot os sugar. Veggie might be the better way to go. When I did weight watchers we could eat all the veggies we wanted but mostly raw.
  • sure, if you have a big gaping hole in your gut.
  • Fruit has natural sugar in it (sucrose), which is why most diets limit it to three serves a day...otherwise, it is great for your health, as it contains no fat, lots of vitamins, antioxidants etc
  • Nope. You can't eat ALL YOU WANT of anything and not gain weight, because ALL YOU WANT is usually considerably more than how much your body actually needs. Besides that, fruit is high in sugar which stimulates insulin production and can lead to obesity, diabetes, and all types of things.
  • Probably not because fruit has fructose that you may not want. Your body probably won't produce enough insulin to keep all that sugar under control. It also may not be healthy for you because you need other things like carbs, wheat, dairy, grain, etc. (Look at a food pyramid)
  • If people simply listened to their body... Have americans completely forgotton how to eat that they turn to fad diets and calorie counting to figure it all out? Im no health nut, but i know what does and dosent make my body feel good. Eating mcdonlads made me feel tired lazy and like id gotten punched in the stomach. So i stopped eating it. Eventually i turned away from just about all fast food. Slowly ive come to find that my my body is comfortable with a diet of various nuts, fruits, oats, greens, pasta light meats and so on. I dont have to shop at an organic market or pay extra dollar for my food, im just eating things that are natrually occuring. I snack throught the day rather than have large meals. This works for me and as it turns out, i have a diet resembling that of native americans (before we took over and gave em free and easy access to meat and beer); presumably, because i am native american. Its been said many times, and is true, anything in excess can have a negative impact. Thats not to say that everythin is bad for you. Fruit is a very good choise of food. It makes great snacks, full of various vitamins, minerals.. things that are essential to your body. Wieght gain is possible from over consuming fruit.. as with any other healthy meals. Take sumo wrestlers for example. Their Diet is VERY strict, and also VERY HEALTHY! They gain wieght by eating a controlled amount of food. Many pro sumo wrestlers are healthier than the health nuts we have here. Thats not to say that you should go on some "sumo wrestler diet." Their food is native to them and thats why its healthy for them. What it comes down to is every culture has a diet thats native to them. Thats why mexicans enjoy, and even crave spices that caucasians find disgusting; or how sushi isnt all that appetizing to most black people; or why i have absolutely no interest in ethiopian food. Instead of going on a seafood, asian, atkins, jenny craig, or what have you diet, learn what your body approves and dose not approve of, and eat only to your fill... dont finish a whole dish because its in front of you. A little above and beyond tangent, but ive been seeing a lot of food and diet questions. Just letting it all out.
  • yes you can if you substitute the amount of sugar to balance your diet.Reduce other calories and compensate with the ones coming from sugar in a conservative manner.

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