• No it is not, to my knowledge and certainly not in my family. My brother has dreadful feet and is constantly washing them between showers and is always changing his socks, none of the rest of us have a similar problem
  • No it is not. However, there are things you can do to get rid of the odor. A good first start is to soak your feet in stringent solution like tea. Tea contains tannic acid which is good at drying out the feet. If you have pits on your feet, then it's time to see a podiatrist because you may a superficial bacterial infection which can cause bad odor.
  • Some people have "sweaty feet". They have to pay special attention to washing their feet, changing their socks everyday, and not wearing the same shoes all the time. They need a break! For those with that kind of problem, Lysol spray on their shoes is recommended. Another good thing to do is to load a pair of shoes with cat litter grains and leave them stored away for a couple of days. That will help to keep the odor away. If you don't have cat litter, baking powder will also help. Basically, it is not genetic. It has to do with too much sweating from the feet.
  • no, it's hygenic.
  • Only if you learned your bad hygeine habits from your parents. But very often it's the shoes people wear and then they wear them again and again. Washing your socks does nothing for this
  • It's a fungus that in the UK is called "Athlete's Foot" and can be got rid of with a powder called "Daktarin".
  • not that i know of
  • not that i know of

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