• Not even close, I live my own truth and by my own rules and if others don't approve they can keep on walking!
  • No way !! I am who I am .When I was young, that sort of thing sometimes worried me. Not any more ! If people can't accept me for who I am, I say, BITE ME !
  • I would like to have the approval of the people that matter to me, sure, but if I feel that I'm doing the right thing; then I will do it whether or not I get their approval. But, if people I respect are opposed I will be vary wary of whether or not I am in the right. After all, I respect them for a reason. As far as other people are concerned, To heck with what they think.
  • Yes most of the times.
  • No, no, no. I don't pass my decisions or life style by anyone but me.
  • no, that'd probably just make me miserable because i never get it.
  • No I can't say that I do. The decisions I make and the things I say or do are just a part of me. Too often others may not approve of some of these things, but in the end the only approval I need is my own. The one looking back at me in the mirror :)
  • From my family ..yes but with others it would nice to have but I wouldn't lose sleep over it..I guess that's not entirely true, it would bother me.
  • not at all. they don't have to live with the decisions i make. i do.
  • Only when my little ego needs a boost or if I'm really feeling low.
  • no, because i know when the day is over, i am going to do what i believe is right
  • I could give a furry rat's ass what anyone thinks of me. What I think of myself is FAR more important.
  • That is something I grapple with on this earth. I grew up trying to be the "good girl" to get the affection I craved. Now, I'm trying to live my truth, but the past can rear it's ugly head at times and the struggle begins.
  • Wow, good question, good question. Do I seek approval hmm...well I would have to say no. First off, I'm sure I'm not seeking approval when I am selling the naked people on Ebay. And I'm not seeking approval when I'm grilling the skewered remains of the rotting flesh my cat had drug in earlier in the morning. No, no. And I am certainly not seeking people's approval when my sister was in the cage saying 'You want some of this, you can't have some a this'. Well I broke in and got some a that. So yeah, I don't care what people think of me. Cause you know what? I'm still going to do provacative things no matter what. And I'm still going to hide down dark alleys and spy on the old men that walk by them. In my cardboard box and alone, they look young again. :)
  • I don't i do what i want and don't care about others.
  • We all seek approval: particulaly those who say they "absolutely" don't. We all want to be somebody in our society. The problem arises when we are not comfortable with who we are, therefore, we seek someone else to validate our existence. The real question is to be aware of when we are doing it and be careful not to compromise our integrity and values (whatever they may be) in order to have someone like us. Many times the need for approval is rooted in a fear of being rejected - being found wanting and undesirable. There you have to do some intensive work at accepting your humanity. Popeye say, "I am what I am and that's all that I am." Shakespeare says, "To thine own self be true." Don't be so hard on yourself.
  • I used to but I have matured & learned that the only person that I need approval from is my hubby, kids, & myself. The hell w/ everyone else.
  • i used to , but now i realised that what ever people dont like about me is only a mirror for themselves, in fact its impossible for anyone to love me or hate me unless it reflects themselves. so aproval is irelevant even if its good aproval from the heart. if someone says your a wonderful person i can feel it in you , they are only reflecting there own good heart so good and bad judgments are irrelevant. as long as you are happy in ones self thats all that matters. and never get offended by those who judge you they are only judgeing themselves.
  • No. It doesn't matter what they think. What matters is what I think of me.
  • Who are these 'people' you are referring to? Complete strangers?

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