• I had 2 completly natural births, and 1 epideral that was a God sent.
  • I had an epidural when I had my varicose veins done, does that count?
  • I was talking about how crazy it is to go au natural today. I couldn't do it.
  • First baby I was natural til it got to the time to push part and they gave me a block, second baby I did get the epidural after being in labor for 14 hours but it caused me to get a really bad headache so on top of having really bad labor pains I had a really bad headache! He took me off the epidural and I ended up going natural with her. OH the joys of labor....LOL :)
  • I have done both. For my first he was overdue and they intended to break my waters and admitted me, but then my waters broke naturally, but labour was long and slow. They gave me an epidural at about 3 am and I was able to get some sleep, I woke about 7 am and they gave me another about 10 am and my son wasn't born until about 1 pm. I didn't feel much and was unable to push because I couldn't feel my stomach. My son was delivered by forceps and was perfectly healthy. My second son was overdue also but labour started naturally at about 3 am, we went to the hospital about 8 and I was prepped and ready to go by 10 am, so then it was walk and wait - they were going to give me a pethedine shot and actually had it ready and rolled me over to administer it as in the doc's words, "only part dilated and hours to go yet..." when everything happened all at once and my second son was born about 40 minutes later. I was able to push and pant and all that and it wasn't so bad. If any women are wondering about which way to go - then do as you feel you should, if you think you need pain relief then have it if you think you can cope okay without it then don't have it. Each of us is different and each delivery we have it different too.
  • first one had the epi and it was wonderful, second had a spinal block (c section) and I had back spasms for a year after.
  • My labor was very painless & quick. I was in labor a total of 7 hours but at first I didn't realize I was in labor. I think my doctor might have given me something because it was a very high risk pregnancy & I didn't really feel anything
  • I had an epidural and it was great.
  • When my wife had ours a couple years ago, the baby girl was due in late January. She had an ultrasound on December 29th, and decided that it needed to be plucked right away or it may choke on its own cord. Had a c-section the next day, and daddy was smiling from the great tax deduction Little K had brought him.
  • Well, I have never had a baby, but I was born naturally.
  • I had a c-section with my son and then an epi while delivering my daughter naturally. Naturally references a vaginal birth, not a drug free one.
  • I don't recall. I'd have to ask my mother.
  • My son was very premature, there was no time for niceties. We were both in danger of not making it.
  • My 3 girls were natural. The third delivery went too fast to get any sort of painkillers, just some weak little shot that didn't help at all.
  • They tried 3 times to give me an epidural and couldn't get it right. I was in labor over 24 hours he never came past a -2 station and I never dilated past 5cm so they finally took him cesarean section.

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