• There is often little difference, except for the label the marketers put on the product. However, since draught beer is stored in a large container for a different period of time, it may develop a slightly different taste before it is consumed. This is particularly true if the beer is unpasteurized and undergoes natural carbonization (a second fermentation) while it is stored in the cask. However, mass-market products marketed as draught beer often use a slightly different recipe than their bottled counterparts to make the term draught beer appear somewhat special. In these cases, you are drinking a different product.
  • Bottled beers that ferment in the bottle because they are bottled with live yeast will mature into very different drinks from their draft counterparts. All canned beers and most beers in sealed kegs are free of yeast and so will not mature. As with wine, that the beers with the fullest and most interesting flavours are ones that are allowed to mature longer. (Large brewery corporations from St Louis please note!) Tim Webb

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