• Of course it should end. The question is when.
  • Definitely. Why would anyone say no?
  • Yes it should end, but I don't want the war to be over here either.
  • yes it should end and i hope that it is soon .
  • yes it should end and i hope that it is soon .
  • Our involvement should never have happened to begin with. the United States cannot be the gatekeeper of the world. i feel sorry for the people of Iraq, but this style of life has existed in their country for many years. To date, over 3,000 American soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq, fighting for something that may never develop. when you enter another countries turf, they have the distinct advantage over the intruders, simply because its their country and they know it better than anyone. Its way over time for our troops to come home. I have to ask this question: is there another underlying reason, the United States entered Iraq, other than saving their people? is it their oil?
  • I'd really like it to end. Six years of pointless warfare gets really boring. I predict, however, that it will go on for roughly another twenty years before the world ends.
  • I agree with John Pennington completely. I live on the Katrina ridden Gulf Coast and there are still issues with crime, pestilence, apathy and an attitude that these cities; Biloxi and New Orleans are in ruin. In tourists driven cities if there is no tourists there is little left to see. We could definitely use the troops over there to help build back what nature took away. Not only that, But what are they fighting for? That is my BIGGEST question. Don't allow foreigners to learn how to fly a plane but don't land it. Don't allow foreigners to leach off the federal government that WE as tax payers allow on an ongoing basis. I can rant and rave for hours but I think the point is made!!!!
  • it will take a years to end war america lost billons of dollar to vin the war, for that mony need time abbut 40to60 years, americans never leve iraq before 60 years.
  • Yes it should end, but with a victory. In this case however, I don't think a victory is possible. This is a different type of war (terrorism) that probably could only be won by erasing a whole segment of people.
  • I do think it should end. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even for it to begin with.
  • Of course it should end!
  • It definitely needs to end - just as soon as every last terrorist sympathizer is dead or incapacitated.
  • Yes, and I hope we stay there untill it does.
  • And I have no qualms whatsoever about that particular "segment" being erased.
  • end, very soon, but not immediatly
  • It should not even have started,for there was not a logical reason to enter Iraq at all.They should have been out 5 years ago.The longer they stay the worse it will get and many more will needlessly die.It is the biggest catastrophy in in this new century that is causing untold misery.
  • definitely, i hate war

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