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  • In my experience, it means he either has feelings for another person, or already has a gf/wife. Or, he thought he was gay, or might be gay, but you made him feel attracted, and it confused him. I'm a female and this has been only my experience.
  • I would think it meant that there are things about you that he likes and there are things about you that he does not like. I think anyone feels that way about just about anyone. He is trying to figure out if that balance is positive or negative. Are the good things good enough to balance out the bad things?
  • This usually means he wants to keep his options open. I am also a female and in my experience this means he doesnt want a relationship.. wants to do things his way and probably is either in a relationship or has just got out of one and is thinking about getting back with her. Men are very strange at times. They dont make things very clear. If i was you id just play it cool, dont look like you want or need him at the moment, and if he's interested and made up his mind he'll soon come running!
  • My boyfriend is doing the same thing. I know that it is hard, but he may feel like you are smothering him. Or he is affraid of commitement. Let him have his time to think and mean while, I know it is hard but go out with your friends chillax and have fun. Try not to think about the little games he is tring to play. You should call him once during the day or night. But give him his space. If he leaves you though he may not realize what he wants until it or she is gone. Don't sit around crying at home. Because it will just make you hurt worse. Trust me I know I have been there. Lately I have been doing that, but not now. Play hard to get. If he wants to see you have him call and tell you. Don't seem despret. They like that too much. sincerly Bear
  • It could be that he's got it going with someone else?? Or it could just be that he's not sure if he wants a relationship with you. I don't know, neither does anyone except him. It's harder enough to figure out your own feelings, let alone someone elses.
  • In my past, I have used that one to let the girl down easy. I know its not the best tactic, but I did it. I just never wanted to hurt them. It worked, cuz 15-20 years later I still have MOST ex gf's as friends. But hes not confused, he is lettin you down easy or wants to keep you on the side.
  • if you want to help him find what he really feels for you, give him a space and see if he will miss you or not, absence open up things that are hard to unlock sometimes..
  • I'm dating this guy and its going on 6 months and everyday is a guessng game, He tells me he doesn't know what he wants, and straight told my mother that he needs space to think. He was dating this other girl for 3 yrs whom I still think they are together but he claims he is not because he spends alot of time with me but he is very much involved in her life and with her family, he claims that her family is helping him out with paying for school because the job he claims he works at on the weekends pays half his tuition so I'm lost I don't know if I should run or just give him the benefit of the doubt until he comes to his right mind or maybe I need to accept that he isn't ready to move on because I demand to know because the truth i dont want to be wasting my time and he really thinks its not that serious but what I think his problem is a lack of affection he doesn't know how to express himself and claims he is scared or the guy is just straight up bad and needs spanking please help me someone.
  • honestly...after all the times ive wondered this and drove myself nuts ...the truth is, hes not being honest with you. this isnt always intentional, but it all means the same thing. whether its that hes confused, too busy, not ready, scared, emotionally unavailable, or saying its not you its me...hes not commited to you. you are wasting your time worrying about it...and making your self esteem sink lower each moment you dwell on it wondering what you did wrong. move on...let him grow up, and if he comes if he doesnt..less stress for your dating life.
  • "Im not sure how I feel about you" is a phrase that has several different meanings to the male of the species. To help isolate the most likely translation you need to provide the age of the male in question.
  • I think he is trying to let you down easy,he doesn't want to come right out and tell you he doesn't want to date you anymore as he doesn't want to hurt you,so the best way to get out of a relationship is to say he needs his space and he is confused that way you and he can remain friends.I think for you should give him his space and get on with your life,if he is using that excuse now then he will continue to use it in the future if you two get back together everytime things aren't going his way.He needs to grow up and you need to move on.
  • He doesnt want to tell you how he really feels, because he doesnt want to hurt you...
  • There sure is a lot of man bashing on this forum... Is it possible that the guy is just confused, and needs some time to think? Girls tend to make decisions quickly and emotionally, while guys tend to take some time to think things over. Standard Mars and Venus stuff. Give it a week, if he's still waffling, it's time to move on...
  • ok lets say i'm dating a few guys. one guy might hear me say "I like you a lot, can't wait to see you" another guy might hear me say, "mmmm i'm not really sure if this is what I want, i'm kind of confused. I think I want to be single for now" basically that is a nice way of saying, "i'm just not that into you"
  • i would venture to say his thoughts revolve around sex in some shape or mannner. he's weighing the opportunity cost of getting action from you or someone else or his hand.
  • Us guys aren't in the buisness to hurt people so it's our way of letting you off as easy as possible. This is a good time to stop pursuing...........If he really is confused he'll approach you in due time.
  • He may have passed that feeling of novel infatuation. Everyone goes through that, and it is confusing, especially if you're young. It doesn't mean he no longer cares for you,(that's why he's confused)he's trying to figure out what this new feeling really is. It probably sounds lame, but the best thing you can do is try to assure him of your feelings about him (if that is your wish) without being pushy. Tricky? Oh yes, but it is the only way to find out if the two of you are meant to be
  • he wants more sex.
  • the answer is hes done with the relationship and dont want to come right out and say it..the ways to find out is he turning you down when you make advances toward him? does he always avoid conversations pertaning to the relationship in question? more than likely he is looking but sticking around to show you the false assurance that your relationship is ok until he finds someone new.
  • i was in the same situation with a girl i dated for 6 yrs id ask her how she felt about me and ask her if she loved me and like always id get that (unsure answer) yes i love you! but then one day she pops all up on me and says lets put our profiles on yahoo personals for laughs and giggles i was like um no.well she did and paid for the subscription to e-mail others and get mail from others now she married to an a-hole from yahoo personals and 7 yrs later shes still regretting it calling me asking me to come back to her and has cheated on her hubby with me many times,now to me that makes her a down right whore...if i was you id move on and kick him to the curb girl and be happy you only live once.
  • He's just not that into you.
  • Do him the 'pleasure' of denying him your presence. If he sees you are busy with your life, and don't have as much time for him as you used to, you will drive him crazy. It's cruel but it works. Attraction is not a conscious decision!
  • i dont understand whats going on in my head 90 % of the time i know how he feels
  • it means he is too young (immature) –adjective 1. not mature, ripe, developed, perfected, etc. 2. emotionally undeveloped; juvenile; childish.
  • i think his gay because if he did not want to be with you would break up with you
  • This isn't really an answer. I've been though a similar situation. I think it's a cop out when they basically profess their undying love for you one minute and then the next minute they're "confused"...
  • It means hes not sure if your the one for him, he wants to see if there is anyone better. It's the same thing like when you go to buy a car you see the car you want but your not sure if it's the one for you because the next car dealer ship might have one better.
  • Means he doesnt want you, but soesnt want anyone else to have you either. So hes keeping it out that he may be interested.
  • You've been given both good and bad advice here. Mostly good. If it were you saying the same thing to someone or something similar. What would you mean by it? Wouldn't you be trying to spare them pain? That's what he's trying to do. He wants to be your friend. Be his friend.

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