• I (think I) know all calico cats are male. Or at least thats what my friends mom told me when I was choosing cats. She says a lot of things that dont make sense though.
  • No. It's possible to have a female orange tabby. In order for that to happen, both her parents must also be orange or one calico and one orange. It's a question of genetics. This is also why most (but not all) calicos are female.
  • no i really don't think so.
  • NO a cat can be any color, any sex with the exception of calico or tortoiseshell. They are almost always female. IF the are males, the are sterile and often don't live long. Something else to watch out for is eye color. There are certain colors of cats with specific eye color that can be deaf. If a white cat has blue eyes, it is more likely to be deaf than a white cat with gold or green eyes. But they also have t be the same type of blue eye.
  • Yes, & all tortoise shell cats are female. x
  • No, but it is more likely. I bought an orange cat and assumed it was male, but it turned out to be female. The vet said that there are 3 males to every 1 female due to the genetics of gingerness.
  • No, but the vast majority are. It is genetics.
  • Male cats have an X and a Y sex chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes. The gene for orange color is located on the X sex chromosome. Since males only have one X, if they have the dominant orange gene on that X chromosome, they end up being orange. It's almost like a 50/50 chance. However, females have two X chromosomes and two chances for orange color. If they only have a domanant orange gene on one of them, and something else on the other one, they end up being BOTH orange and whatever the other color is. That makes them a calico. That's why only female cats are calico. Female cats CAN be orange, but it's more rare because they would have to have dominant orange genes on BOTH of their X chromosomes which is more like a 25% chance.

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