• question1: ahhh "They" question2: Yes, they are all scams. well...mostly.
  • I once made 25 cents answering a survey online. They never sent me my money though.
  • You can try investigating the companies who say that you can make money on the internet with the Better Business Bureau to find out whether they're legit or not.
  • i am a member of lightspeed and i have gotten prepaid visa card from them for answering surveys. i have gotten them for up to $100. i am now going to do a home survey for them, they are going to send me a palm piolt to do a soda survey on for 2 week to know what kind of soda i drink eveyday and when i send it back to them they are going to send me $85 dollars. i have alway gotten my money from them when they said that they were going to send it to me. but most other survery websites that you go to are just scams. i never had a problem with lightspeed. i use them every day. i have also gotten mp3 playser from them and a bunch of other things that i got to keep just for trying them out and giving them my feed back on the product.

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