• I heard some U.S. state decided to make a law banning dodgeball. I would get rid of that one.
  • Gun restrictions. Why should the bad guys be the only ones to get the good hardware?
  • Megan's Law. It has created panic and a vigilante attitude, without any proven corresponding increase in safety.
  • Megan's Law. This law was aimed at punishing "sexual predators", but instead has punished many people who are not actually "sexual predators". The case of Genarlow Wilson in Georgia is a perfect example of this. Megan's Law also punishes people twice. The whole point of going to jail is to get rehabilitated for your crime and come back out and fit into society. These people are not afforded that opportunity to move on and start anew. Not only do they serve jail time in prison, but they also serve jail time in society once they are released. They are required to sign up on a sex offender registry and everyone in their communities know they committed a sex-related crime, and everyone assumes the worst. Many cannot live with family members if they have children. Many times, these prisoners have been convicted of crimes stemming from relationships with teenage girls who they have had consensual relationships with and some of whom have lied about their ages. Because of this they are punished for life. This is one of the worst laws to have ever been passed. People convicted of murder can go to prison, be rehabilitated and come back out and live in their communities without having to sign up on a registry list. They can also live anywhere without being known for their crimes. The same should hold true for people convicted of sex crimes.
  • i would make marijuana legal.
  • the law that requires that you drive at speed limits.
  • The law about how long a president can serve a term. Cause whoever reelected Bush must have retarded. I say, if they're cool let them stay as president until they screw something up. If they suck *cough* Bush *cough* dump them out of the White House. =D =P
  • Any law that restricts collective bargaining or class-action lawsuits against corporate parasites. We need both as checks and balances from the ultra wealthy exploiting the general public.

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