• "The Cost of Pursuing Higher Education When we think of cost, we usually think of financial expenditures. In some countries, higher education is government sponsored and qualified students do not have to pay fees or tuition. In most places, however, higher education is expensive and is getting more so. A New York Times Op-Ed article (see URL below) observes: "Higher education used to be regarded as an engine of opportunity. Now it’s certifying the gap between the naves and have-lesses." In other words, quality higher education is fast becoming the domain of the rich and influential, who put their children through it to ensure that they too become the rich and influential of this system. Should Christian parents choose such a goal for their children?—Philippians 3:7,8; James 4:4. Even where higher education is free, there may be strings attached. For example, The Wall Street Journal reports that in one Southeast Asian country, the government runs a "pyramid-style school structure than unabashedly pushes the cream to the top." The "top" ultimately means placement in the world’s elite institutions—Oxford and Cambridge in England, the Ivy League schools in the United States, and others. Why does the government provide such a far-reaching program? "To fuel the national economy," says the report. The education may be practically free, but the price that the students pay is life engrossed in advancing the present system. Though such a way of life is highly sought-after in the world, is it what Christian parents want for their children."—John 15:19; 1 John 2:15-17. Then there is the environment. University and college campuses are notorious for bad behavior—drug and alcohol abuse, immorality, cheating, hazing, and the list goes on. Consider alcohol abuse. Reporting on binge drinking, that is, drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk, New Scientist magazine (see URL below for whole article) says: "About 44 per cent of [university students in the United States] binge at least once in a typical two-week period." The same problem is common among young people in Australia, Britain, Russia, and elsewhere. When it comes to sexual immorality, the talk among students today is about "hooking up," which according to a Newsweek report "describes one-time sexual encounters—anything from kissing to intercourse—between acquaintances who’ve no plans to even talk afterward." Studies who that from 60 to 80 percent of students engage in this kind of activity. "If you’re a normal college student," says one researcher, "you do it."—1 Corinthians 5:11; 6:9,10. " - Watchtower 2005 Oct 1st "In France, according to one newspaper, young people attend universities because a high school diploma is of little value in the face of high youth unemployment. However, many university students accept that at the end of their studies, they “will be no better off with a degree in their pocket.” The Independent reports that in Britain “the stresses of academic life are taking a terrible toll on students.” It is reported that far from helping students to cope with the insecurity of life, university life at times leads to such problems as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem." ** Awake! 1998 Oct 8th p. 5 In Search of a Secure Life **
  • Here's the simple answer to your question, ichewbamboo. No. Clearly, our view is biased. However, to categorically assume tht biased is bad (which i'm not saying that you are) is biased in itself. Of course we have biases. We express them very openly. It is the nature of what we do. I will not knock on your door and tell you that all opinions are of equal value or that it matters not what we believe. We are very much biased in favor of a life that supports God's Kingdom and promotes its values. What school counselor is not biased IN FAVOR of higher education? It's easy to mistake popularity for lack of bias. The majority view is often considered 'orthodox' or 'right.' I've met people who think, on one hand, that we're strange because we usually don't seek 4-year dgerees and at the same time believe we're odd for spending about 300 hours every year training for our given vocation, the Christian ministry. I have received over 10,000 hours of training in my life and have become a fluent speaker of English, a fair speaker of several other languages, a proficient writer with a better than average command of grammar and vocabulary. I have a job teaching math and language (along with geography, history and whatever other subjects they might need), all without a college degree. Please know that i'm not bragging on myself. I'm bragging on the education that JW's have provided me. You might say that i am less biased against higher education than i am biased in favor of the highest education. As usual, there's much more to say on the subject, but it will wait for another time. I just ask you to judge my education by the style, efficacy and reasoning of my writing.
  • Why does someone ask a question... By ichewbamboo Asked Apr 27 2007 9:39PM then answer it... Top Answer out of 2 by ichewbamboo5 on Apr 27, 2007 at 10:15 pm (using WTLIB CD-ROM) then critique negitively the answer? ichewbamboo May, 18 2007 at 08:52 PM In regards to the actual question, most of the JWs I know (40 and younger) were top of their class and now my son and a JW fiend of his are some of them. Education is highlighted as a means to a goal, not the goal itself.
  • jehovah's witnesses are not against education. however, the considered "higher education" the world has to offer in its universities will impact most of these individuals in a negative way and is a detriment to their spiritual health. the universities don't tell you of all the binge drinking that goes on at their fine establishments do they? they will not warn you of the rampant drug use either! they do not tell you of all the sexual immorality you will be exposed to will they? all this for a certificate or a degree? jehovah's witnesses are not being trained for this system of things, rather we await a system where righteousness will prevail and this is where our children will be able to receive the best education, without running the risk of being perverted by this system of things through its channels of so called "higher education". i know some will take offense to this, i mean to not offend anyone. this is only to explain why we do not encourage our youth to pursue a university education. especially if it means leaving the security of a home, when that 18 year old is not ready to venture out into the world, dominated by the "ruler of the authority of the air, the spirit that now operates in the sons of disobedience." (ephesians 2:2)by the way both my husband and i are bilingual, as well as our two children. my daughter and her husband are thinking of learning farsi, for the sake of sharing their bible based beliefs with people of this language in the san diego, california area. as you can see we are not opposed to highter education as long as it does not become a detriment to our way of life and it doesn't interfere with our theocratic (spiritual activities). putting Jehovah God's kingdom and its interests in first place is of utmost importance, and above everything else! (matthew 6:33)
  • When I was a child (raised as a JW) higher education was discouraged. This is one of the reasons I had no aspirations of going to college while I was in high school. It is my understanding that it is less frowned upon these days.
  • Well I know quite a few witnesses who have gone onto higher education, including university which appears to be acceptable so long as they continue to allocate some time to their religious studies.
  • The main focus of all 'witnesses' is the preaching work...As such, it is necessary to communicate with those we meet...anywhere. And because we meet all types of people, it means we must be aware of the whole world situation...politics, world finance, current affairs and even local weather. We do not have to AGREE with what is happening, but we must KNOW what is happening. If we sat naked in a cave in the Himalayas, as some guru's do, thinking it is getting them closer to a perfect life, they are mistaken.. no one like talking to a ignoramus. The modern WATCHTOWER organisation is a world leader in information gathering and modern printing. I can safely say that there are NO printing errors in the AWAKE and WATCHTOWER magazines. Because of care in editing. AND THEY HAVE NOT BEEN LEFT BEHIND IN THE WORLD OF THE COMPUTER... We now have the whole bible and ALL the societies publications on C/D...cheaper to produce and a huge reduction in publishing bulk for household libraries... To achieve all this takes EDUCATION. Some already qualified lawyers have become brothers and put their skills to good use. Not every J.W. is born into the religion. All the brothers [ and sisters] are multi skilled. Most can discuss any subject.
  • “Helpful as Guides to Daily Living” That is what a woman from Toronto, Canada, called the publications of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. “I enjoy reading them and find the material very informative, heartwarming, and above all very helpful as guides to daily living.” She added: “I am a university graduate, and I must shockingly admit that I have learned much more through your publications than through all my years of study. I especially enjoyed your book Making Your Family Life Happy. No other publications have managed to have such a positive impact on my life as yours have—they have helped me immensely; and for this I truly thank you.”
  • 7-4-2017 I know almost nothing about JWs, which is odd because my brother and his wife are members. But higher education is not what most Americans think it is. In America, education is something inflicted on young people to keep them out of the way, because society does not need their services. K-8 is openly described as an all day baby sitting service. High school is a place to keep teenagers until they are old enough to put in prison. Then they get to college and the teachers tell them not to expect much because they didn't get their jobs by being good teachers. So I guess it is possible that JWs have noticed the lack of useful knowledge in this process and have found an alternative.
  • Nowadays Jehovah's witnesses don't tell you to get a higher education and they do not tell you not to get a higher education. But if you're a Christian you need to bear in mind that if you opt to take a higher education that you're going to have to accept the curriculum that they feed to you you'll have to talk about and give the correct scientific explanation for evolution. Like it or not. This is one reason that I don't want a so-called higher education higher than what higher than my belief in God oh no the hell with that idea! Jehovah God is My ultimate authority I don't like the idea of being forced to accept some man's idea about evolution and other religions in order to get my degree. That's why I got my degree in theology to sharpen my belief in God not to tear it down

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