• I have a gay friend and he's just one of my best friends that happens to be gay.
  • None of the usual hen-pecking/competition that goes on with their girlfriends, won't get hit on or flirted with or whatever like straight guys.
  • I think it's because they like the girlie stuff.... like shopping, make-up.. and well.. men!
  • I didn't know they did. I have friends and relatives who are gay. I don't hang out with them BECAUSE they are gay. If you get along with someone and enjoy their company, that's the reason you probably hang out with them.
  • I love to be around anyone I feel safe and happy with - And when I was a Ballroom Dance Instructor they treated me better than most people
  • I am not Gay, and women don't seem to have any trouble hanging out with me. But perhaps that is because I don't objectify them.
  • Here's one viewpoint, women with hubbies/bfs can hang out with a guy, and not worry about being hit on. Plus, you get a male perspective, sometimes a shopping partner, and your BF (shouldn't be) jealous.
  • Maybe, it's because they like the same thing... men.
  • Maybe it is because they don't feel threatened by them. I don't mean that a straight man is going to try to attack you or anything. I just mean that you know that they don't have an alterier (is that spelt right?) motive for hanging out with you. They are not gonna hit on you or anyhthing like that.
  • Because they want to borrow their Village People CD.
  • Because gay men look into womens eyes during conversation and listen to what they are saying, while straight men stare at their chest and only nod in agreement.
  • Women are not threatened by gay men. Gay men are fun, they can take girls shopping and give actual suggestions while straight men get annoyed and bored.
  • Because they are just fun to be around and they get my sense of humor.
  • I do? I may like hanging out with a particular straight gay or lesbian girl more than with a particular gay guy. It all depends on the personality, not what gender they're attracted to. I don't think, oh my god, gay guys! I just love hanging out with them!
  • I like my gay friends because they're like the best combinations of guys and girls...personally I like hanging out with guys, but sometimes I need girl time it's fun to playfully flirt and be flirted with, without worrying that there's something actually going on. AND my gay friend shops better than any of my girl friends!
  • because there is no competition
  • Take it as a challange to turn them straight.
  • I didn't know that this was the case; I suppose they feel safe that no one will come on to them.
  • I know 100% why since I'm a straight woman. There is no fear of them coming on to you when you just want friendship & I don't have to worry that if I say a gay guy is cute or gorgeous that he'll think oh, she wants me. Plus I've just had bad experiences with straight men & to be honest gay men are better friends & nicer
  • I'm a very straight lady; and I find Gay men make great friends, and without expectations.
  • I am a straight woman and I find gay men to be better listeners, great to hang around, fun, and they wont pull anything on me by looking at me in ways that are inappropriate. They are great ! Most men I have known are out for something from me, whereas gay men are great at being your best friend. They have great style ideas to share to you, etc... They are great at helping you with shopping ideas, etc...
  • Actually I suspect DISINHIBITION! Women are just not nervous around them. It may also be similiar interests.
  • Because maybe they know these men regard them as human beings rather than potential sexual receptacles???
  • I guess because they don't feel threatened by them, also have something in common with them I guess.
  • i think gay men are fun to hang around with, they're better listeners, and the'll give u advice from a guys point of view, which is helpful...
  • Maybe because they are easy to talk to and they know about being a man in some ways and they are usually pretty open and outgoing!
  • They're non-threatening.
  • Now you're making sense Highlander. People think I'm stupid for feeling this way but I consider myself lucky in a way to be handicapped because I was the one who got to raise my daughter. If I was allowed to work years ago, she would have been in daycare
  • I don't hang out with alot of gay men just because they are gay however I can say without a doubt because I do have gay male friends and I find that they are not so judgmental they except people for who they are not what they are and I can talk to them and when I ask them not to tell anyone else they wont some women not all will call you their friend and stab you in the back the first chance they get
  • Some of them know how to dress, decorate, and cook. And they aren't going to be hanging out with you because they want to have intercourse. They're hanging around because they like you as a person. I think it's fun.
  • Because they know that gey men are not imagining them naked in mid-conversation.
  • Laying a gay guy is the ultimate challenge, at least to some women (although pretty much of all the women I know). If women are really so afraid to be "hit" or sexually impinged on, then that's a sad statement about heterosexuals. I've heard a couple of times from gay guys that they are often being hit on by women (i. e. women wanting to turn the relationship non-platonical), and they thought it was a bit sad as well. I wonder what we would be reading here in this forum if heterosexual men were keen on lesbians. I doubt if heterosexual women would get blamed as much as heterosexual men do in this thread. I think it's getting a bit long in the tooth to always blame men and victimise women. Maybe it's simply gay men are the ultimate kink to heterosexual women.
  • I prefer to hang out with heterosexual men.
    • beaker95
      I prefer to hang out whilst watching Pornhub.

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