• You'll be under for the insertion...the removal is a different story.
  • Ouch! I think so- Good luck with your knee surgery.
  • it depends on the surgery. If you don't need to do a lot of moving around at first, you will probably have one when you wake up. From a female perspective..removal is not so bad and it doesn't hurt while it's in.
  • Worry not, they don't hurt. I had one when I had a knee op, and when I ended up in an ICU; they used it mainly to top up my electrolytes. If you've any concerns, discuss it with the medical staff.
  • I had a simple ACL Surgery and if they did it I didn't know. Hmmm, I really wonder now if they did. Anyone know if ACL Surgery requires a catheter?
  • thank you! i finally find a person who doesnt like the idea of a catheter i was criticized on another question site im getting back surgery and pretty much am thinking of not getting it because i dont want a person seeing that area even if they have seen lots before. i agree with you. i dont want anyone to see that area of me its the only thing about my incredibly dangerous surgery that im nervous about
  • edit to my answer- well like, im probably going to be getting the surgery it can wait and i want to hold off as long as possible because im hoping God will heal me

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