• For a single icon, you can, using the copy and paste commands when you right click over a new picture and then the cover art icon, change the picture to whatever you want. However, removing Album Art completely from Media Player you can click on View, then Choose Columns. Unselect the Album Art box and you're done.
  • This took me forever to find. In the upper right, next to the search box, you'll see a button entitled "View Options." Click that and select "Details."
  • Do what they said or download an id3 tag editor.
  • you can,... just follow what Phaedrusz said...
  • WRONG! You do NOT get rid of or block album art by switching to the option of "details". #2 you can NOT delete Album art from the list! In the older version there was a specific registry key in which you could reset the value and NEVER have another piece of album art again! And when you have GB's FULL of music, those things add up! And THIS is what people are looking for-to have a right to their rights! So...If you don't know what you are talking about, then do NOT bother responding to these message boards! People want intelligent answers that actually work!
  • This is not answer. I just want to specify the annoying album art that people want to remove off from the wmplayer 11 as the image attached. It is good in wmplayer12.
  • its very simple 1. open ur music folder 2. open folder options and set the view options to show hidden files and folders 3. in same option box uncheck the option that says hide protected system files. APPLY > Ok 4. now album art pictures will be shown in music folder > select them and delete 5. redo all changes to folder options and u r done 6, remember to disable "retrieve media info" and other similar options in WMP to prevent it from downloading the same crap again............... enjoy

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