• Hissy fits sound a little more whiny in their tone.
  • A hissy fit means the kid's getting a spanking when he gets home. A temper tantrum means Mom leaves the store, and the kid gets a spanking when he gets home. A conniption fit means Mom never returns to that store for the embarassment, and the kid gets a spanking, and coal in his stocking for the rest of his childhood.
  • Hissy fits include screaming heebie jeebies...
  • i have no idea i prefer a connipition fit myself...
  • A hissy fit is when someone gets all fussy about something relatively minor, a temper tantrum is when someone gets REALLY angry and kinda loses control. Usually hissy fits are what children do, temper tantrums what adults do : P
  • Hissy fits involve whining, moping, exhasperating sounds, motions, even some flailing, most often done by young ones, but adults that are immature do them as well. Temper tantrum involves someone letting their temper get the best of them. It is a progression at times of a hissy fit but in adults usually comes on its own. This is usually manifested by the person getting angry about something, sad about something, and results in letting the emotion get the best of them resulting in either a fit of rage, something being thrown, broken, knocked over, etc, or uncontrolled crying, sobbing, self-destructive behavior. My kids throw some hissy fits, and only occassional temper tantrums, both result in discipline of some sort. I throw temper tantrums on occassion when I'm frustrated with something that is repeatedly not functioning properly, usually when no one is looking.
  • In my house, about 10 decibels! Temper tantrums are much louder.
  • hissy fit is is whining and nagging about absolutely nothing and sometimes you shout a little And a temper tantrum is kinda when you lose control and start flinging stuff and start shouting A friend of mine was having one of her fits today.. once again -_-
  • They're spelled differently
  • Temper tantrums are what 2 year olds love to throw and which should be quickly squelched out. Hissy fits are what some adults do when they realize the world doesn't revolve around them.
  • not much
  • Basically nothing.
  • not much

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