• A Great Dane and a chiuaha.(sp)
  • A Great Dane and a Toy Poodle. The pups would have long back legs and short front legs. each leg would weigh 20 pounds. They could not run, because the front legs could not keep pace with the tall back legs.
  • Schipperke and Poodle .... Skipperdoodle
  • A poodle and a greyhound
  • Shih tsu and a whippet, Whipshit
  • Pug and Yorkie.... Porkie
  • Samoyed with a Border Collie (or any type of farm dog, maybe a Huntaway). That'd be some pretty (and hairy) offspring, hopefully with a bit more sense than a Samoyed by itself.
  • Mastiff, Irish Setter and pointer.... Stiff Irish pointer
  • I'll assume this was meant in good fun...which it was! "STIFF IRISH POINTER" OMG...we are a randy bunch already! Of course I'm confident that most posters here already KNOW...first hand in many cases that hundreds of Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens....Purebreds, Crossbreds, and good old Mutts...are put to death EVERY SINGLE EVENING as they are on LAST DAY at local pounds. This is because NO ONE adopts them, no one wants them, and in many cases they were turned in by their owners because lazy people did not train them to behave in acceptable ways and so did not like their dog's behaviors. Some may have been lost, some may have come from GOOD BREEDERS, or Puppy Mills, or Pet Stores (almost always Puppy Mill puppies, who often have sever behavioral/emotional/mental challenges because of indiscriminate breeding practices by the Mills, or from irresponsible BACK YARD breeders who thought it would be cute to reproduce their dog/bitch or thought it might be profitable to do so...which any RESPONSIBLE BREEDER WILL LAUGH AND SAY..."it ain't that profitable after you add up all of your costs!" THIS was a fun post to consider from an amusement point of view ONLY... PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR COMPANION ANIMALS and if you truly believe YOUR animal has something wonderful and unique to add to its breed line... SHOW YOUR DOG, EARN YOUR POINTS AND TITLES and PROVE that THIS DOG OR BITCH does have something great to add to its breed to IMPROVE it in some practical manner, health, temperament, intelligence, physical ability...IMPROVE THE BREED...DON'T ADD TO THE OVER POPULATION OF DEAD ANIMALS. DEAD DOGS, PUPPIES, CATS AND KITTENS ARE NEVER CUTE AGAIN.
  • maltese, walker coonhound
  • 5-2-2017 An awful lot of people on the internet breed bull dogs and shi-tzus.

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