• Yeah, it is...but many diets can lead to anorexia/bulimia nervosa. I think you'd be wise to do this with the supervision of a doctor (who I doubt will approve anyway, but at least will be able to keep a check on you). It's easy to become obsessive about your weight and the feeling that you get when you see you've lost more and more pounds each week.
  • 600 calories is NOT enough to keep your body alive. You need at LEAST 1500 calories just to keep your organs going. That's just to breathe in and out, have your heart beat, and be able to be functional all day. Also if you want to actually be healthy instead of sickly and skinny, you'll want to excercise, which requires alot more calories in a day. My suggestion to you is to get around 1700 - 2000 calories in a day, so your body has something to work with. While yes, you do want to burn some of them and to burn off some fat, you want to do it the healthy way, and not starve yourself. It almost sounds like you may have an eating disorder already, or if not it's likely you will. To build your metabolism up, I usggest eating about 200-250 calories every 2 hours. Could be a power bar or something like that. And then you can eat a little more for dinner, adding your calories up to whatever number you choose. Also, I want to add that while too many calories can be bad, calories themselves are required on a day to day basis.
  • Please, please increase your calorie intake. This is starvation and not only is it dangerous but it is a bad way to try to loose weight. The body thinks it is starving and so slows down the metabolism to conserve energy. When you increase the calories to more normal levels the body will actually pile on the pounds quicker in response to the starvation so you may actually end up fatter than you started.
  • Restricting yourself to 600 calories a day is just not a smart thing to do. If you want to lose weight, do it in a smart way. If you are eating only 600 calories a day, you will lose weight. But once you go back to eating normal, and you will, you will gain it all back.
  • A diet itself doesn't lead to an eating disorder, but the reasons for dieting may indicate you are already on the way to developing one. Looking at your other questions, you say you are 140lb and 5'4" which gives you a BMI of 24 - this is perfectly healthy. You say you want to lose 30lb by June, which is not a healthy timeframe to give yourself for losing weight. If you really do want to lose a few pounds, it's best to do it slowly otherwise your body won't have time to adjust. Also, being healthy isn't just about losing weight, it's about getting fitter. Anyway, losing 30lb would take you down to a BMI of 18.9. As 18.5 is underweight, this seems to be a rather dangerous target to me, especially if you're less concerned about being healthy and more about just getting rid of pounds. As others have said, 600 calories is not enough to live on, and is certainly not enough to do any exercise on, which is really how you should be looking at losing weight, if you still think it's necessary.
  • Hun hate to say but that IS an eating disorder. I never even realized i was anerexic until i read this "true story of anorexia" book where the girl was limiting her calorie intake to 300-600 calories a day! I was like What?! no! that's what i do...anorexics are like people who don't eat ever!! Then i slowly dropped my weight to all time low.(Then proceeding my docter freaking out/my mom/ getting a nutritionist and the whole world against me about my weight.) Truth is i thought i looked great! there is a moment that you will start to notice you'll drop lower and lower and look like a walking skeletan! haha and for me there started my binge-eating. Right now im currently binging my face on weekends and 600 calorie-ing it on weekdays. This keeps my stomach tight for school while all maintaing my weight. Oh yes my metabolism is already screwed so i think,"what the hell!" haha. Seriously though just decide where you want to be and IF you want to eat more i suggest my all time enemy mr. peanut butter there and juices add easy calories! so...if u want start slowly adding more calories back, and look at the BMI chart since that's what docters go off of anyhow. Good luck! and there are CRAZY eating disorders out there! (like this new one i tried called Chew and spit) you get the flavors of all the "forbidden" foods but just don't swallow it. Hmph. yes i know sounds crazy--but remember : any eating habits that don't follow the normal every-day person....THAT's an eating disorder. I found the weight I AM confortable at. And even thought my docters say ,"gain 20 pounds!" i say...i've worked my ass off for this body and im going to be happy with it where i think it looks good you know!? It's not like im going to kill myself on purpose! how dumb. okay so it's all about you...decide where YOU want to be.<3 best of luck!
  • you should try to eat at least 800-1000 calories a day if you can. Some people depending on their matobolisum and their natural body type can get away with eating very little. if your not going to eat much, make sure that you are getting a lot of fruit, and veggies. Also try to eat something like a slimfast bar or shake at once a day so that you are giving your body protien. deffenitly make sure that you are taking vitamins and make sure you stay away from anything like hydroxiecut. Still you should deffenitly talk to your doctor because he or she can help set you up with a proper diet and exercise plan that will give you the results you want, and you wont be risking your health. i have a lot of probalms with food perosnaly. i eat very little, and have been working on it for years. i rarely feel good. and i have permenatly destroyed my matobolisum so if i binge at all i gain weight. also, i cant enjoy eating anything like a milk shake once in a while because my stumaic can no longer properly digest it and i have instant sevear indagestion that lasts days. so be careful.
  • As long as you are taking some sort of multivitamin and you don't stay on this diet for more than a month or two till you reach your goal weight, then there should be no problem. Other than the fact that it requires a lot of self control, it is a great way to lose weight fast. Don't listen to the people who say your metabolism will adjust and you won't lose weight b/c that is not true. As long as you're burning more than you are taking in, you will always lose weight. That is common sense. Try once a week eating like 1000 calories to give it a boost. That could help through any plateaus you might experience. Also, you may consider going up to 800 cals and working out to burn the additional 200. You need to work out and lift weights b/c you will lose some muscle mass. Be sure your blood sugar never gets to low, but other than it is a great way to lose weight fast on a short term basis. It WILL work for anyone who can stick with it for a little while.
  • 600 calories a day IS an eating disorder. That is not nearly enough, and vitamin supplements are never as good as the real thing.
  • If you DO go through with this diet (I can't stop you), I want to piggy back on what another ABer said. Do not stay on this diet more than 2 weeks (not a whole month). You can cause irreversible damage to your heart, and/or suffer a heart attack. Please be careful.
  • Sweetie, this sounds like a path to an eating disorder. While losing weight does make you feel good about yourself, losing too much weight can turn into strange thoughts in your head, such as you're too fat at 89 lbs etc. I suggest you try and book an appointment with a nutritionist. This way you can discuss finding a way to lose weight while keeping your blood sugar on an even keel. Starvation will only lead to bingeing/purging, or serious health problems... I would seriously reconsider If I were you.
  • P.S., since I'm assuming no one on here is a doctor, for most females unless they run marathons everyday, they should not be taking in 2000 calories a day. If I did that I'd be 20-30 lbs overweight. Just to maintain my weight and yes I exercise everyday, I only eat about 1100 a day. Therefore, when I diet it is essential to cut down to at least 800 calories a day plus some exercise. If this is just a temporary diet you're on consistng of 600 cals. that is not an eating disorder. If that is all you eat all the time, that is rather extreme. Maintaining caloric restriction is healthy and the research will tell you that eating healthy and restricting calories can lead to living longer and not being prone to many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc. Just find a happy medium which would probably be around 1000-1200. For whoever said it takes 1700 calories for our organs just to survive, that is incorrect. Check your sources sweetie. Obviously, this person has never dieted and if you've never had to then kudos to you. Anyways, hope this sheds a little different perspective on your question. Whatever you do diet or just lifestyle change, be safe. Make sure you get plenty of nutrients and aren't too fatigued. If your body does not respond well to this amount of calories, it will let you know. But it would be to your advantage to just increase a little and exercise which doesn't have to be vigorous. Good luck on your endeavors!
  • if you're eating 600 calories a day, i can pretty much guarantee you that you already HAVE an eating disorder. i got landed in the hospital for eating like that. i'd speak to a doctor immediately if i were you.
  • well im 17 and im 170 pounds, i feel really overweight and i have tried eating 1000 calories a day of healthy food or 1500 a simply just doesnt work...i am taking a vitamin each day, im on lipozene which makes you feel full and not crave other foods, and is safe, and i take in about 600 calories a day...fuck everyone who says that thats anorexic, theyre bodies work different than ours and eating 1500 calories a day may work for them, but i have felt great about my body, suprisingly i have more energy..and im getting results what i want to say is keep up the good work and eat 600 calories a day, and then when you get to your right weight, slowly bring up your caloric intake....good luck to you!
  • I am eating 500-600 calories a day i go to the gym 6 days a week and i also have one day which is a saturday when i have ice cream and a take away. which makes you come out of starvation mode. ready for the next 6 days i dont have an eating disorder i done this diet a year ago and lost my first 3 and a half stone. i am now starting again and am now 12 and a half stone i never gained excess weight as when i came off it i added the calories slowley and worked out.
  • Check out this link to find how many calories you should consume every day to reach your weight goal.
  • Sounds like you're already there.
  • how much are you exercising-(if you're doing a tri-athalon daily, it's not enough)? what's your weight and body mass index (if your weight is 800 pounds or your BMI is 40, then it's not enough)? i can eat a 600 calorie snickers bar (yum!!) or i can eat a couple heads of lettuce. what you're eating matters. vitamins are usually considered important when dieting. see your doctor. if you and your doctor are concerned about your weight, ask your doctor to refer you to a nutritionist and a gym. remember that it's two parts to the equation : calories in - calories out = weight change. i'd be careful, this has the potential to mess with your entire system!!!
  • 600 a day?! Youll die! Your body uses 2000-2500 a day from you just sitting around. That is extremely unhealthy, better is eating 1800 calories a day if you want to lose weight, and exercise alittle. If you use 2000 calories naturally, exercise another 300 calories then youll still be losing about 500 calories calories a day, which is good. Losing more than that is unhealthy, and with you Im surprised you havent had severe complications.
  • I don't know that it is a disorder but if you keep it up you will lose your muscle tone, teeth, etc. If you don't keep it up you will expirence rapid weight gain do to the loss of muscle tone and damage to your metabolism.
  • Sounds like you already have one. For best health the vitamins have to come from thorough chewing of your food so your food must be whole and well balances and you must be active and get plenty of exercise and fresh air and sleep. No industrial or junk food or sweets.

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