• Yellow: caution; no overtaking/safety car out. Yellow with red stripes: caution; track is slippery (usually oil). Blue (stationary): you are about to be lapped. Let the other car through. Blue (waved): let the other car through immediately. You are now risking a penalty. Red: race stopped, slow down and return to pit lane. Black (with car number) car must return to pit lane within 3 laps and not restart race (terminal rule infringement, or dangerous error in the car that the driver does not know about) Chequered: race finished.
  • Checkered - The race has ended. Shown first to the winner, and then to every car to cross the line behind them. Yellow - Indicates danger ahead and overtaking is prohibited. A single waved yellow flag means slow down, a double waved yellow warns that the driver must be prepared to stop if necessary. Green - A hazard has been cleared up and the cars can proceed at racing speed. Blue - Shown to a driver to indicate that a faster car is behind him and trying to overtake. Shown both to lapped cars and those racing. A lapped car must allow the faster car past after seeing a maximum of three blue flags or risk being penalised. A car racing for position is under no obligation to move over. Red - The race has been stopped, usually because a car is lying in a dangerous position after an accident or because conditions are too poor for racing to be safe. Red-Yellow stripe - The track is slippery. This usually warns of oil or water on the track. Black - Shown with a car number to indicate that the driver must call into the pits immediately, usually because he has broken the rules and will be disqualified. White - Warns of a slow-moving vehicle on the track, such as a tow truck or safety car. Black and White diagonal - Shown with car number to indicate a warning for unsportsmanlike behaviour. A black flag may follow if the driver takes no heed of the warning. Black with Orange disc - Shown with a car number to indicate that the car has a mechanical problem and the driver must return to his pit immediately.

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