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  • in the bathroom of dunkin donuts!!! wtf!!!? eww.
  • Gas station stinky bathroom, I walked in by accident.
  • In the middle of the mall on the bench He was just there sitting in the buff with his pants down going too town,Now that was disturbing at 9 years old too see that, My parents called the security. we had a store in the mall and every one was shocked by the Nasty man. what a freak!!!
  • i caught my friend jackin off in MY room
  • Actually in Navy bootcamp I caught someone who fell asleep masturbating, still in position! I was on sentry duty and was there to wake him up to relieve me when I found that STRANGENESS. All I did was pull the blanket over him before waking him, and he never knew I knew. It also didn't change the way I saw him at all.
  • One time I saw and old man setting in his wheel chair at a nursing home with his monkey sticking out of his pants and he was spanking it. Not a good situation.
  • she was sitting on a swing in the town park... she caught me watin' and held my eyes and kept goin'... deliciously scarred fer life here!
  • It was hilarious when my wife and I were planning to go to dinner with a male friend of ours. I picked him up on the way home from work and drove him back to our place. When we got to our place, we went in and walked into the bedroom. Whilst what I saw was a common sight, it was not so common for him, which is so say that my wife had taken a bath and was on her back fully naked just about to cum using her vibrator. The view was a spread-eagle crotch shot. The best part was that she was just past the brink of cumming, so she couldn't stop herself. We just stood and waited the five or ten seconds it took her to get through her orgasm, and then she told us to get lost. What a buzz-kill, but it made for great convo to and during dinner.
  • the priest in confessional was pulling his pud instead of listening to confession
  • ive seen a couple of teenage girls walking around the local supermarket with one or both hands working away inside the front of their knickers they looked as if they couldnt of cared less if i was watching them or not pretty blatent
  • In a changing room at a public pool.
  • haha i masturbated in the business lounge at an airport =D
  • i haven't caught anyone actually
  • Walked in on a guy in the toilet at the office jacking himself hard! He forgot to lock the door and I opened it and there he was, dick in hand!
  • Saw a guy on a hill on his knees wacking it watching the traffic go down the hi way one time
  • Yes I walk into a class room and this girl had a vibrator and had no pants on. After she saw me she just smile and asked me did I mind and I told her no and she continue to do for another 15mins.
  • I was 12 and we were on a trip 2 a grave yard and while the guy was talking he secretly shoved his hands in his pants and started!
  • I caught someone masturbating in hallway of our school.
  • In a liquor storage room at a bar. I worked there and it was a customer who needed to rub one out before finishing his date. At first I thought he was stealing liquor. I kind of wish he was.
  • I caught this girl masturbating in the church restroom.I walk in and she was about cum and couldnt stop. Afterwards she just look at me and she was so embarrass.
  • Once I was walking my dog in the woods behind the local high school. I bumped into this young girl (she had to be a freshman or sophomore) She had her skirt hiked up and her knees pressed into her chest, she was going to town! She asked me if I was going to tell on her for cutting class. After I reassured her I wouldn't say anything, she asked me if I wanted to watch! I said of course and she continued to play with herself until she came right in front of me. Afterwords she was so embarrassed, she just got up and ran. She was in such a hurry that she forgot her panties! LOL
  • My bioligy teacher in his room during lunchbreak and i walked in to ask about my essay and he was there wankin off under the desk and he asked me not to tell anyone and i still cant forget it now everytime i walk into his class i just burst out laughing and he gose bright red emmaserain or what ! ha ha

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