• True understanding comes from actions, which form feelings, which are better than ANY words. Unless you meant that statment literally, then it's just a language barrier that could be worked on.
  • The chances of understanding one another are good if we take the time and effort. If you recognize that someone has misunderstood you initially, you can find other ways to express your point. That becomes evident on Answerbag, where I've seen people fly off the handle at an answer, only to find out through the comment thread that they were in agreement all the time. The chances of us always understanding each other are slim to none. Some people are determined NOT to understand, while still other think it makes them more interesting to be cryptic. I'd like to see more precise use of words - after all, as you say, they are the primary tools of our communication. Failing that, time and effort must be employed.
  • we all have a strict language and a loose language. While within the bounds of strict language there will be rifts, we allow this loose language, this "good enough" to allow for social discourse and coexistence. In most cases, the words we use are close enough and understood well enough to convey and share ideas so we can get along.

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