• Move on you don't need the stress. He left you for someone else that say's alot. Trying to win him back will only cause you more pain when he goes back to her again. The weather is getting nice go out and do things to keep your mind off of him. Who knows maybe you will run into someone else.
  • If he left you for another girl he's not worth it. Don't let yourself be pulled into doing something you don't want to do by peers. A guy like that isn't worth your tears if he was heartless enough to do that to you. Get out, and have lots of fun.
  • Why on earth would you want someone back who up and left you for someone else? I understand that love can not be turned on and off like a tap, but self love, self respect and dignity can speak just as loudly in our hearts and minds. Who cares what his friend says, or what his family wants? Isn't it your life? Don't you deserve someone better, or, at the very least, someone who has enough respect for you to not be looking for other prospects whilst in a relationship with you? Yes, yes, and yes. You say you gave him "everything" - well, now it's time to give YOURSELF everything. Focus on yourself, do things that make you happy, improve upon yourself, learn new things, reward yourself and love yourself. You can't "win" someone back, because nobody is a prize to be won. Love isn't about manipulation and mind games and being in constant competition with others. Nobody is saying it is easy, but it shouldn't be this hard. Give yourself time to grieve, and move on. You can do it!
  • Don't be an idiot, run as fast as you can. There are alot of other guys out there that will really treat you the way you should be. Forget about that moron
  • No, I don't agree with you fumbling all over him like an idiot. If he wants you back, HE needs to be the one doing the work because HE is the one who dumped you. You need to relax. Things WILL work out for the best, you need to have some faith. Don't make a fool of yourself please, act as if you couldn't care less. Sometimes thats the best revenge on a man who has dumped you. Trust me.
  • Cool, im going to go dump my girlfriend and find a hooker to have sex with. Then when I am done with her I am going to call my ex and say i want you back and she will take me because she is stupid, spineless and has no self esteem.
  • DO yourself a favor... You can't "win back." someone who simply doesn't want to be won. otherwise they would come back on their own. Don't make your situation worse by adding insult to injury.
  • He found another girl and left you. Stop beating a dead horse and grow. Be careful of wishing this ungrateful character back into your life because it just might happen. This is a lost cause. Move on and get someone who likes you that you like back. Stop being so needy and like yourself, more importantly.
  • No, don't go running back the moment he had enough of the other girl. He has shown you how much you mean to him by leaving you. Sure HIS friends are telling you that cause he wants you there in case he wants to return. HIS family wants you back together, all forgive and forgotten? So, did they track him down and drag him back? Did they explain to you it was a mistake, he has wild oats to sow and/or they laughing behind your back. Sounds like a girl I know. The guy used to emotionally abuse her all the time by cheating on her, friends and family said, "...but he really loves you." So she always stayed, even when he started with the physical abuse, even when he gave her 20 stitches on her arm from a knife slice. And she took it for awhile because everyone convinced her, he loves her. Then he ran off. I think it's been 4 years now. But she still will take him back the moment he shows up. Why? Cause his friends and his family keep telling her, he loves her. Do yourself a favor and say goodbye to him and his cheering squad.
  • I'm on your side. I say we get a lynch mob together and go hang that little wench and tell him if he ever thinks about straying again we'll castrate the bastard. In fact, lets do that first then he'll never have the need to stray! Let's slash his face too so no other girls will ever find him good looking and brainwash him into being gay so he sure won't ever want another girl.. Whaddaya say? You with me? Get over it.. To many single people out there to cry over one turd. The shit plant's full of turds.
  • Some people will do things to spite their own families, and hang on to resentment for years, even decades. I just witnessed that at a neighbor's funeral. You don't need that kind of stress. Cut your losses now and move on.
  • you might be better off without him if hes going to be like that
  • Don't waste your time. His love was a lie, save your tears and say goodbye.
  • It doesn't matter what his family or his friends want. Or your for that matter. Only what he wants. Move on.

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