• Never heard of it. Explain what it means and I will give you an answer if I have one. Be careful of what you take as fact for heros and heroins are few and far between and most who claim it are liars. Mr Bill
  • I don't know about the name or how organized this tactic exactly was, but I have heard that prostitutes would often stuff razor blades in their vagines... yeah, you can figure out the rest lol
  • Where did you come across the term "red rose tactic". Did you read it or did somebody say it to you? It is possible that the term was used by one specific unit. For instance we had a mechanic named Williams who in his spare time canibalized scrap jeeps and within two months produced a working jeep that we referred to as the "Willymobile". It was the units private jeep. That why they say Seabees - Can Do.

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