• You can make files on a certain computer accessible to other computers on that same network. If you highlight a folder in Windows XP and choose properties, there is a tab called sharing, with an option to tick that allows all computers on the same network to acess those files. And you can do the "spying thing", it's a function that allows Technical Support staff to see firsthand any problems you may be having, rather than having to describe every thing on the screen. It's called Remote Assistance.
  • Basically if you're on the same network without a firewall then all ports are open and any applications such as Web Servers can be accessed and any holes in security can be taken advantage of.
  • On Windows PC’s: 1- To access files on other computers in your same network they most be “shared”, you can load and enable “File and Print Sharing” then manually “share” individual Computers, files or folders (even printers connected to other PC’s on your network). 2- You can use “Remote Desktop” to fully view or access another PC on your network; this has to also be enabled. There is plenty of Internet help to guide you through the processes (Google it).
  • If 3 non hackers are on the same wireless service, and none of them have set their computers to share their drives, then no... they will not see each other. There is always the threat of hackers, network techs, etc who would be able to, but 3 average users would not see each other.

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