• Scituate was settled by a group of people from Plymouth about 1627, who were joined by immigrants from the County of Kent in England. They were initially governed by the General Court at Plymouth: in 1636 the town elected its own officers. At this time its borders were established. The name Scituate is derived from "satuit," the Wampanoag term for cold brook. It refers to a brook which runs to the inner harbor of Scituate. In 1717 the western portion of the original grant was separated and incorporated as the town of Hanover, MassachusettsHanover, and in 1849 another western section became the town of South Scituate, which later changed its name to Norwell, MassachusettsNorwell. In 1788 a section of the town was ceded to Marshfield, MassachusettsMarshfield. Since then, the borders have remained essentially unchanged. Samuel Woodworth's Old Oaken Bucket house is located in Scituate. Scituate used to be the site of international broadcasting radio station WNYW, which broadcast on the shortwave bands in the late 1960s. Source:

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