• Rehoboth, named for the Rehoboth (Bible)Biblical place, is one of the first incorporated towns in Massachusetts, having been incorporated in 1645. Among its?founding families was the Rehoboth Carpenter Family. When it was first granted as part of the Plymouth colony, the town of Rehoboth included all of Seekonk, Massachusetts and East Providence, Rhode Island, and parts of the nearby communities of Attleboro, MassachusettsAttleboro, North Attleborough, MassachusettsNorth Attleborough, Swansea, MassachusettsSwansea and Somerset, MassachusettsSomerset in Massachusetts, and Barrington, Rhode IslandBarrington, Bristol, Rhode IslandBristol, Warren, Rhode IslandWarren, Pawtucket, Rhode IslandPawtucket, Cumberland, Rhode IslandCumberland, and Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Through the years, due to cedings of land and incorporations of the neighboring communities, Rehoboth has taken its present shape. The town was and still is a site of crossroads which help to serve Taunton, Providence, Fall River and points to the north. It is the site of Anawan Rock, where Captain Benjamin Church surrounded and captured Anawan, a Wampanoag sachem and advisor to MetacometKing Philip, and his men, effectively ending the campaigns in Southeastern Massachusetts of King Philip's War. The Wampanoags had taken this position above Squannakonk Swamp to hide from the colonists. (Although a desolate place at the time, the rock itself is not far off of modern-day U.S. Route 44Route 44.) Rehoboth also has a claim to one of the birthplaces of public education in North America. Upon incorporation, the Newman Church in modern-day East Providence elected to support a teacher for the congregation's children. Because of the lack of separation between church and state at the time, Rehoboth claims one of the earliest known education systems in America. One of the town's landmarks is also education related; the Hornbine School located in the southeast corner of town was built in 1845 as one of the town's nine one-room schoolhouses. Today Rehoboth is mostly a rural community (with the exception of the areas around Routes 6 and 44), with small historic sites dotting the landscape. Source:

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