• Pattonsburg was founded in 1877 when Buford T. Patton decided to make a little slice of heaven for himself and his rag-tag band of followers, known as the Sunshine Band. The little hamlet grew over time to reach its zenith in the eary 1930's when the population peaked at 250,000. At the time it was between Pattonsburg and Kansas City as to who would become the barbeque capitol of the world. Many people favored Pattonsburg for its famous sauces used to cover up the taste of possum and squirrel. But as luck would have it, fickle fate gave the honor to KC and its beef industry. Pattonsburg declined quite rapidly to the point the town decided to drown itself in 1993. Pattonsburg suffered terribly from the 1993 flood. The damage was so bad that the whole town was rebuilt three miles away, now known as New Pattonsburg, leaving the old Pattonsburg behind as a bunch of fields with streets. People now wish they had built the dam back in the 1960's. If they had there would now be a large lake with money coming in from the recreation and vacation dollars, but oh well. In the late 60's a game called "House-en-tosis" was invented there. It swept the country during that time, and has been played on a small scale ever since.Later, Pattonsburg's fortune turned in 1998, when the Ang Lee film "Ride with the Devil" was filmed on the old flooded out mainstreet of Pattonsburg as a stand in to 1863 Lawrence, KS. Money barely trickled into the community as Hollywood production artists created 19th century facades, covered the asphalt streets with tons of dirt, concealed fire hydrants with oak barrels, built a shack over an immovable railroad caboose, had the town drunks play the parts of drunken hoodlums and brought in hundreds of civil war reenactors and their horses.They made one stupid mistake when they asked a few hundred civil war veterans to show up. None showed since they were all dead. Then the movie was released to little fanfare outside of Daviess County. People flocked to the theaters dressed as empty seats and the movie was soon relegated to VHS and late night TV. Source:

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