• It was proposed that the northeast portion of Fulton County would be incorporated into a new city, as part of municipalization of northern Fulton County. While the name of the Ocee, GeorgiaOcee community or even the Warsaw, GeorgiaWarsaw community (both in use since the early days of Milton County, GeorgiaMilton County) had been proposed, "Johns Creek" had also been put forth, as the Johns Creek (north of Atlanta)body of water it is named for (originally "John's Creek" with an apostrophe) is a significant tributary of the Chattahoochee River that runs through the heart of the area. Legislation had also been introduced that would have called the area "Riverside", but there is already a Riverside, Georgia in the southern part of the state. The main purpose of the drive to incorporate the Johns Creek area was as part of the complete municipalization of Fulton County, which includes most of the city of Atlanta and awkwardly stretches across the metro Atlantametropolitan Atlanta area from north to southwest, having taken its parts from three other counties. The referendum to incorporate the area was held on July 18, 2006, with only residents of the Johns Creek area (and not adjacent cities or the remainder of the county) eligible to vote. In relation to this referendum, the city of Milton, GeorgiaMilton was also created in December 2006 further northwest in northern Fulton County. Prior to the referendum, in the southwest portion of Johns Creek, a few hundred residents in the area of Newtown, GeorgiaNewtown unsuccessfully petitioned for annexation into nearby Roswell, GeorgiaRoswell, as they did not wish to wait for the formation of a new city. Such annexation would have further reduced the new city's tax base. At the opposite end of the county, the cities of South Fulton, GeorgiaSouth Fulton and Chattahoochee Hills Country, GeorgiaChattahoochee Hills Country have also passed the legislature and been signed by the governor, but will not vote until 2007. Unlike Milton and Johns Creek there was in fact little or no local news coverage nor public push to create those cities — their only purpose is complete municipalization of the county and elimination of the county commission by default. This comes in the wake of 2005's incorporation of Sandy Springs, which was already a very developed city of over 80,000 people. All incorporations are using the same temporary suspension of state law which requires any new city's boundaries to be at least three miles (5km) from any existing city. Source:

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