• Settlers came in the year 1856. The Sage and Bassett families in Dover came from Somersetshire, Bristol near Dover, England. Most sources credit the towns namesake to this connection but at least one source exists that Dover, New Hampshire was the inspiration for the naming. Dover was made a voting precinct of Auburn township, October 1, 1860, and in the fall of 1867, was erected into a township. E.M. Hewins was the first trustee; Jacob Haskell and George Harden, Justices. The first postmaster was Alfred Sage, appointed in 1862. The family name, Sage, is still widespread in the area today. During its peak years, Dover had a match factory, a wagon making business, two grist mills, two blacksmiths, an Inn and Stage Coach Station, livery stable, General Store, three cheese factories. When looking at output figures, two of the largest cheese factories in the US were in Dover. The stone house cheese factory, built between 1856 and 1865 still stands today. The stone 1878 Sage Inn & Stage Coach Station, and the General Store built in 1900 also survive. Source:

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