• According to some reports, the original name of this town when it was platted in 1884 was Bryantville. However, the post office in this location is shown as Clatskanie as early as December, 1871. Clatskanie comes from a Native Americans in the United StatesNative American word, Tlatskani. According to the Clatsop County, OregonClatsop County pioneer Silas B. Smith, Tlatskani was a point in the Nehalem River that was reached from the Columbia River by way of the Youngs River or by way of the Clatskanie River. The native inhabitants applied the word Tlatskani to the streams they would follow in order to get to that point, and not the streams themselves, for they were not in the habit of naming the streams. The white men who settled here later carelessly applied the word to the streams. Clatskanie is also the name of a Native American Clatskaniespeople, whose numbers dwindled from smallpox, intermittent fever, warfare, and intermarriage until they numbered only 3 people in a 1910 poll. Many of Clatskanie's inhabitants are of Scandinavian heritage, specifically Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian. Source:

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