• I had a foreign language teacher in elementary school as well as in the 10th grade who not only taught classroom information but real life lessons as well.
  • My fifth grade teacher, not only taught us the regular curriculum, but also taught us music: types, singing, reading music and used the class in the Christmas Pageant as the choir. Good times!
  • Her name is Deaundra Johnson and she stands out in my mind because even after I went on to the next grade, she continued to show interest in me and talk to me. We developed a relationship and became quite close. She used to always stare at me when I was in class, probably because I am different (I'm albino.) I really liked her. She was pretty young and could relate to us.
  • My favorite teacher was Heather Maclean. She made a point to be friends with us. A couple of us (I think we were her favorites too) would go out for lunhc with her once in a while and one day at the end of grade nine, she let me and my friend skip school and covered for us! She was also a great teacher. I think it was mostly because we liked her so much that it was easy to listen to her and do our work. She was my social studies, english, drama, and foods teacher at different times.
  • Mr Knight in year 6, he came from london where he had been the head. he wasnt young, he actually cared about each and every one of the class and took interset and made you feel wanted and part of a family. he taught us many things not just school related and often chatted about his personal life. an awsome man. anyone who has him now is so very lucky.
  • A maths teacher. He was amazing and was so funny. A great laugh going into his class. He made me enjoy maths and i was top of the class by the end of year instead of failing.
  • A drama teacher we had...oh my what a laugh..wish I could meet her again..
  • I have two. My middle school math teacher and high school anatomy teacher. I miss them so much. I would love to go back and take their classes again lol
  • My 11th grade creative writing teacher. She took my virginity.

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