• I am searching for the same question, man. Can't get an answer. From what I have read, you need a "K-1 Fiance visa" I am trying to understand this, but evidently you have to have had physical contact with this person in the last 2 years before filing for it, and also she needs all proper vaccinations. The other condition is that you must marry within 90 days of her arriving here. Hope this helps.
  • same
  • If she can get a job in the country then you don't need extra paperwork. If she has a bachelor degree, chances are she can get a job in the US. Once in the US you can just get married anytime the regular way. I would recommend that you do not go the k1 route, I would have her come to the US on her own terms and get to know her first....a divorce with an alien can be a real mess since you would be responsible for her for about 5 years, once she becomes a citizen (you would become her sponsor).

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