• We have both and the plasma is by FAR the better TV. Seriously, for us it's not even close. Picture quality, ability to handle subtle shading and slight differences in shades of black, etc...plasma right now is the better choice, at least for us.
  • Thanks to Pelican for his or her answer and for anyone else who answers.
  • I recently purchased a plasma TV. I absolutely love it. However, the salesman had this to say about the two. Plasma TV's are best appreciated in a movie room atmosphere. They are intended for low light level rooms. A plasma TV will reflect light from windows and lightbulbs etc. An LCD has no glare. So if you have a lot of windows or a brightly lit room, it's a better choice. We have A LOT of windows, and there is glare. We bought the plasma strictly based on price. There was a sale on the one we bought. I don't mind the glare. I'm used to it, and because the screen it flat, I don't notice it as much as I did on the tube TV.
  • I love the Plasma T.V.
  • I perfer plasma because: Better contrast ratio better viewing angle, in most cases. Cheaper Brighter The better contrast ratio gives you better color detail. Notice when you look at black with cheaper LCD screens the black looks more grey. Of course its possible to buy a crappy plasma as well. Learn all the definitions like contrast ratio, dot pitch, lumens, viewing angle. understanding these and how they affect picture quality will help you find a better picture. On DLP: not a big fan unless it's a three chip projector. The TV's have horrible viewing angle and have hot spots where the light is being projected from in the back. youl notice that when you get close to one.
  • LCD for bright rooms, Plasma for dark ones. LCD has a nonreflective screen and plasma can put out more light for brighter pixels. I have a couple of both and that's how I do it ... the LCD's are better for gaming I find though ... the plasma does nice on the BluRay.
  • LCD is actually a win over plasma and can be tilted any which ever direction. some plasma sets can be tilted but not advised due to some condition that can occur within the membranes. depending on the set, LCD may or may not have a reflective screen depending on the manufacturers orders for its layout and design. plasma has great contrast ratio but can actually have an image burn just like CRT if a stilled image is left displayed too long. laser, LED, and DLP are the best technologies to consider since all 3 have outstanding contrast ratios, refresh rates, and are lighter than older and modern style sets. LCD, plasma and CRT can get heavier as the picture size increases. the CRT's guns can die overtime resulting in off-color images. plasma can die overtime and is generally expensive. the LCD's fluorescent lamp can die in due time by either getting dim or turning a different color. and LED's can die after time and cannot be easily replaced. laser and DLP technologies are the simplest and easiest to work with. if the mirror package or HID projector lamp in the set goes out, they can be easily replaced by a new lamp or mirror unit (the mirror unit is like that of a computers processor.)

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