• belief---nailed in opinion---glued
  • Belief means to me something that has been told through history and opinion is what you think of it
  • An opinion is based on a belief. For example, I believe that racism is harmful and dangerous to society. It's my opinion that racism is based in ignorance and fear. Opinions are malleable; beliefs are deeply rooted in the psyche, and therefore, harder to change. Great question.
  • A belief is deeply held and not subject to whimsy. Opinion is your take on a matter. For instance, it is my belief that I was created by God. It is my opinion that today's dance styles are for the most part vulgar and tend to make women look like animal in heat. The first matter will not change because times change, the second is subject to all kinds of things.
  • Belief can be a religious tenet or faith or opinion.
  • An opinion is usually worded or said in such a way that confirms ones beliefs.They go hand in hand,though it is hard to say if it sways other's beliefs or not.
  • A belief is something you believe in. Something that you are sure about. An opinion is something you think, your not quite sure about it. For example... I believe I will have a beer tonight. It is my opinion that God does not exist (I am Agnostic).
  • A belief is when you think a set of information is the truth, an opinion is an after thought based on that belief or to do with that belief. For example: I believe that racism is stupid, and it is my opinion that racists should be jailed. I believe that that the Earth moves through space at around 217 km/s (135 miles/second), and orbits the sun at around 30km/s (18.55 miles/second). It is my opinion that this is kinda scary : P
  • belief is astep ahead thn opinion..stronger opinion is belief
  • A belief is a leap, a part of your thoughts and feelings which may not have any basis in fact. An opinion is a conscious consensus based on facts, other opinions and your beliefs. As a person comes across new information these can change. My example: I believe in beginner's luck. It's my opinion this in actuality really silly...
  • If you try to force it on someone else it's not just an opinion it's a belief.
  • If opinion is based on a belief, then there is no difference between the two. An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, or evaluation of something. Opinion is knowledge which is not substantiated by positive proof. Many persons may have more than one opinion on the same subject. But they may not give more than one opinion for a given situation. There is an idiom - the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion. Opinions widely differ as concurring opinion, dissenting opinion, expert opinion, lay opinion, majority opinion, per-curiam opinion, plurality opinion and so on. Belief is that which is accepted by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional or spiritual sense of certainty. Even belief may lack existence of positive proof, as in the case of existence of god. Belief implies confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof but accepted by faith. The hyponyms for belief are conviction, trust, expectation, outlook, prospect and conviction. The higher concepts of belief are doctrine, philosophy, philosophical system, and school of thought. Both of them considerably differ from fact. The important difference is that one person will not have more than one belief on the same topic.
  • Nothing.
  • If you believe something it is only your opinion, I don't see the difference.
  • Opinion applies to a conclusion or judgment which, while it remains open to dispute, seems true or probable to one's own mind [it's my opinion that he'll agree]. Belief refers to the mental acceptance of an idea or conclusion, often a doctrine or dogma proposed to one for acceptance [religious beliefs]. A view is an opinion affected by one's personal manner of looking at things [she gave us her views on life]. A conviction is a strong belief about whose truth one has no doubts [I have a conviction of your innocence]. Sentiment refers to an opinion that is the result of deliberation but is colored with emotion. Persuasion refers to a strong belief that is unshakable because one wishes to believe in its truth.
  • an opinion is a thought a belief is based on ones values
  • An opinion is based on desire, because an opinion is not always constructed with fact or experience. It's what you think should be, is or shouldn't be and so on, usually based on your emotions about the subject, whatever you know, or don't know, about it. The opinion encompasses what you like and don't like and forms a sort of defensive stance for yourself in the name of the subject. Sometimes it can be quite reasonable and obvious, other times not so much. A belief is what makes sense to you, a conclusion or grasp of something, real or not, which accommodates whatever logic you go by. Doesn't mean it's right or wrong, but it's what you think, as opposed to what you desire. Your emotions can't come into play because it seems like an innate understanding that you can't change, no matter what you feel. Your opinion comes after.
  • Good question. I don't see a different. Both based about what you believe in!!
  • ...a belief comes from the is already infused within you... opinion comes from the mind/intellect...
  • Opinions (supposedly) are rendered after information is gathered, processed and evaluated, whereas a belief is something more or less viscerally "felt". (of course, imho)

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