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  • You are the same girl who is 14 and want sex with a 19 year older? NO, we will not explain it to you, it is against the law, and he will go to jail. DONT do it..
  • Sex was made for marriage,if some one had sex before getting married and they have an ILLNESS OR ACCIDENT and they die ,if that person never repented of that sin she or he would go to HELL. Also its better to save your self for the right person I would advice you to practice abstenece,DON"T RUSH life is short But eternity is forever.
  • Sex is fun and god doesn't there is no forever, for anyone, and yes life is short so enjoy it while you can. But do it when you are ready - take your time, find the right person - there's no rush.
  • You're 14. Really, its just too soon for you. When the time is right, you won't have any questions. Why would you have sex so early in life? Dating a 19-year old isn't especially helpful either. He's in a whole different place in his life, he has a very different situation at 19 than you have at 14. Have you notice that? Have you noticed that there is some distance between who you are and who he is? My advice - break up with this guy who is probably pressuring you into sex. Find yourself a guy who is your age, and work on discovering how to make a happy relationship happen. Leave the sex thing for much later.
  • What is so wrong with waiting? There's no age limit on when you can do things. There are a lot of people who have STDs and are now regreting catching an STD.
  • I suggest you find someone who wants to take someone's virginity as much as you want to give it. Experience is always a plus in this situation.

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