• I have leather seats so I use Armoral (sp) on my leather seats, dashboard, console and matts. It is safe, it cleans and makes it shine.
  • hello my car windsheild was leaking the smel coming from the carpet is really bad. maybe mold? do i have to take up the carpet to get rid of the problem ? thanks
  • go to wally world and get this orange cleaner- degreaser that we use in the kitchen, all kitchen cleaner are OK to clean cars with as long as you don't leave the degreaser on to long on the black parts of dash, it will also clean carpets and seats...if you want to make every thing shine, use baby oil. know that's a cheap way to go. I just made you spend 2 dollars to clean your car...hehe
  • have you ever tried ruby extractor as i believe it wornt harm your fabric and remove the stain with due effect. You can get more details from

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