• On really rare occasions it can hurt a little bit. And no, it can't be seen through shirts. I gave you a point for kinkyness :P Edit: whoops, i tought you meant "pinching" your nipple for getting your nipple...i never pierced myself
  • My son reports that it was really painful for him and he is a macho army guy. He finally just took them out. For him it was a waste of money.
  • It does hurt quite a bit the day of the piercing, and as far as showing through shirts, it really depends. I am female and wear barbells. When wearing a bra and t-shirt they cannot be seen whatsoever. However, I've found that when wearing a tank top with a built in bra, friends that know I have them say that they can see them slightly but no one who I haven't told has ever commented on them. As far as guys, I would assume it would depend on the jewelery in place and how tight of a shirt (if any) they were wearing.
  • I am guessing you meant to add the word piercing so i will say yes... of course you can see it through a shirt... its not that big of a turn on to me... especially if they end up crooked... hoops not barbells☺
  • I see you trying to look through my shirt and see my nipples!!!! LoL~
  • Pain: Yes it hurts. ALOT at the time, and then absolutely never again (for me, though it varies greatly). You must understand the procedure to understand the pain involved: The entry and exit points are marked with a pen/marker, the piercer (if theyre good) will ask you to stand, lift your arms, look in a mirror, etc; to make sure they are even and remain even when hard AND flaccid (most twist a little). Sometimes the nipples are clamped (Mine werent, I dont think its necessary.) A long (rather thick) hollow tube called a canula is inserted through the nipple, and the barbell guaged either 14 or 12 (i recommend 12 guage barbells and not rings) is passed through. The balls are screwed on and youre done. Sometimes the piercer will ice them first to numb you to the pain. mine werent, and I didnt want it done anyway. If your getting it done, you should experience the whole thing. You want the "trophy" of having it done? Then you better damn well go through the pain and not sissy out. Thats my thinking. Its not that bad, and I think it says something negative about your character if you get them iced. Shirts: It depends on how thin the shirt is, how cold out it is, and how long youve had them pierced. Thin shirts (especially with thin bras) may be a problem. Dont take them out, mine close within 2 hours and Ive had them done a while. If its cold, they will obviously show more. In the beginning months, theyre more sensitive to arousal and are almost constantly hard until your body gets used to them. You can buy clear flexible plastic retainers (which I use for sports, swimming, and thin shirts) that are less visible through clothing. Most online stores have them. here are some options you can look over. Overall, I really like mine and I think it was a great decision for me.
  • yes, oh my god yes. It was the most painful thing i have ever done to myself. it felt kind of like getting a bee sting and a really bad sunburn on your nipples. plus the next few days after that suck too. wearing just a shirt hurts, and forget the bra, you cant use one for a couple of days. and you cant really see them through your shirts. the pain is worth it though. i love them, they are super cute, but i wouldnt do it again.
  • As a guy yeah it hurt, and you can definitely see it through my shirts but I like to show them off and I enjoy that people can see my nipple rings :P

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