• Not necessarily.
  • No. Hair color changes for a number of reasons. Most babies born with dark hair have lighter brown or even blond hair as an adult. Gray hair is a result of either stress or genes. Genes is why some people at 20 are all grey and some people at 80 may only have a few gray hairs. Yes as we age our gray hairs will increase, however just because your hair is lightening up doesn't mean it will turn all gray. Gray hair is a result of all the natural pigment in our hair fading away, which usually occures with age. When our hair lightens it can be for any number of reasons, most as simple as exposure to tanning booths and the sun. Don't worry about your hair lightening up it is completly natual and does not mean you will become gray before your time. If you are still worried look at pictures of your family memebers and see what their hair looks like at different ages.
  • Does it really start to fade at 20? I'm sure mine didn't. Natural hair colour becoming 'fainter' is probably due to sun bleaching.
  • I don't think so. It has to do with genetics. I am 20X2 and I don't have any gray hair.
  • not necessarily? it's almost impossible. Only if one possess an incredibly rare gene mutation, which they would have been born with and it wouldn't change (it would have to be a random mutation, both parents happened to carry alleles for said mutation's recessive trait, or one parent carried the dominant trait of said mutation, this type of trait does not have a categorized allele, and it would be visible). Answer by hairlvr + (re-posting comment as answer)

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