• Women have evolved more emotionally and intellectually than men. So women have inherently got a more advanced understanding of how a person acts and reacts to a certain situation. They play us like a fool because they understand people better than we do.
  • You can't fool mom, so don't even try it!!!!! It's a biological compnonent.
  • Intuition is E V O L V E D ." Consider that human SENSE is very primal: smell, sound, sight, touch and taste. From these senses comes experience. From experience comes the FEELING (emotion) of what that experience meant. From that feeling comes the INTELLIGENCE (logic) that informs decision making. All evolved. Consider that a sixth sense (intuition) is that which comes precisely from the totality of your sensorial experience thus far. For example, when you look at a book you can "intuit" just how much effort you will have to expend to lift it. Of course, you may be surprised (heavier or lighter than you though), but it is this sense memory that is in service here. One can suppose that all adaptations become second nature in the normal human experience. Men, generally speaking, equally unique in their own innate talents, are not "physically cultivated" in their own biological sense memory to the extent that women are. Women invest TIME in menstruation, child birth and child rearing. This is a purely biological fact, regardless of race, culture, education or religion. Simply put, a female human being, literally has to deal with the realities of the human Life Cycle. She has a biological experience: a fuller impression and expression of the ability to sense logically for the overall benefit and welfare of her children. Her Life Cycle sense memory develops pointedly and differently from men. It is to this that comes, I believe, the expression "women's intuition."
  • pick up a copy of gavin debecker's book "protecting the gift". it is a poignant and extraordinary piece of work that i consider a must read, especially for parents and parents to be. the book gives a detailed explanation of what exactly intuition is and how we all are born with it. unfortunately, as debecker explains, as we grow, we start to ignore this gift, and rely on rationale. intuition is a "knowing" without thought. it is not tangible and that is why people often ignore their intuition, only to have regret later.
  • Actually I think its an old-fashioned way of belittling women's intelligence, by suggesting that it comes from some mystical emotional place, rather than anywhere rational or from considered analysis of facts, as men's knowledge does. It's been reclaimed lately as just another way of saying "I feel it in my bones." or "I'm sure of this, but I don't have any basis for that." when the feeling is experienced by a woman. Of course, the same feeling could easily be experienced by a man. Usually all it means is that your basis for the belief is in your sub-concious, rather than something you've conciously thought out, which is why it seems to be correct so often.
  • If women dominate human intellegence, then men dominate all physical human strength!
  • Women's intuition is their 'sixth sense'. Since women tend to be preyed upon more than they are predators, they have a uniquely developed sense of trouble. (which they don't always follow, but they have it). Have you ever watched deer or any other animal that is a herbivore... it has to have some kind of defense. The sixth sense is an intuition and a very strong signaling system. People who work on developing this sense tend to make fewer mistakes in life than those who disregard it. That is not to say that decisions shouldn't be mitigated by other factors, but if I have a strong sense about something, I will definitely listen because in the past, when I didn't I paid the price!
  • what a load of crap. women and men are interdependent on one another. we can't evolve separately. that would be like saying "oh look mark women are starting to grow wings, man i wish i was a woman so i could evolve too." intuition has to deal with the situation, nothing to do with sex. "womanly" or "motherly" intuition deals with situations where a mother feels that maybe her child is getting into trouble. this would be becuase time after time little tommy has been caught torturing the cat. it has nothing to do with sex. the beliefs above are biased. you could just as easily say that men have "manly" or "fatherly" intuition.
  • we sense things before they happen and a lot of the times we are right. +5
  • Hindsight. She's never wrong.
  • The man says he wants to get to know her, go places, do things, etc. The woman knows has an inkling he just wants to get in her pants.
  • hahaha women as scared deer bs. excuse for not having an understanding of rational thought and just purely responding to an emotion. often leading to irrational actions - and btw to the feminist argument that intuition is belittleing women its mostly women who prescribe to the intuition theory..

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