• NO! Tobacco is a stimulant that can have very harmful effects on cats. You should see your veterinarian, who can give you very safe and effective medicines to take care of any worms your kitty may have.
  • NO! I called my vet and told them that my 2 cats had worms. I didn't even have to bring the cats in to the office! I just drove there and bought 2 pills ($6 each) for them. Make sure the cat gets the pill down there throat!
  • I am not sure,my cat used to eat my cigarrettes all the time,he never got worms and lived to be 22 yrs old. so maybe there is something to that.
  • Heavens above! Don't give the kitties tobaccy! A few worming pills and they will be fine in a day or so. You could kill them. Tobacco is a deadly stimulant to small animals.
  • NO, tobacco is very dangerous to cats and will probably kill the cat. Also, exposure to tobacco smoke causes lymphoma in cats. Worm medicine is very inexpensive. Buy some from your vet.
  • No as it doesn't work. Why give it something harmful that isn't effective. Try either worming medicine that you get from the vet or save some melon seeds, dry them and grind them up, adding them to some wet cat food. Now that is a natural safe cat or dog wormer. It paralyzes the worms so they let go and just get pooped out.
  • Of course. First, you take a rusty circular saw. Cut your cat open. Then put 2-3 packs of cigarettes and a jar of olives inside it. Then use a stapler to put your cat back together. All good.

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