• The fastest way to stop it is to lean over a sink or sit with your head bent down (just make sure your head is not tilted back), pinch your nose just under the bridge and hold a tissue under your nostrils. This causes the blood to clot and will make it stop faster than if you tilt your head back or lie down. It will stop eventually if you do those things, but you can swallow a lot of blood (kind of gross) and it can feel like you're choking. It will also take longer this way. Don't blow your nose (unless it's just a tiny bit of blood). Avoid blowing it for up to a few hours after the nosebleed, especially if it was a severe one. This will break the clot and can cause more bleeding. Instead, carefully clean the blood away from the outside of your nostrils with a wet tissue or Q-tip (don't stick it up your nose!). If you get nosebleeds often, consider getting a humidifier, especially if you tend to get them in the winter. They are usually caused by dry air.
  • simply roll up a piece of tissue and place under your upper lip below your nose, This should stop the bleeding.
  • Nose bleeding will stop instantly when you take a few whiffs of cider vinegar. I had many nosebleeds as a child and my father always stopped them this way. It *does* work!!
  • Pinch the nose at the softest part below the bone just under the bridge and hold for 2 minutes this should allow the blood to clot and stop, repeat this for 20 minutes checking occasionaly until it stops bleeding, if this does not stop the bleeding after 20 minutes go to hospital because it can be serious and you may loose too much blood, I am a trained first aider and this is the current best way to treat this condition.
  • As a sufferer of constant nosebleeds throughout my childhood, i know the difficulties in this matter more than most. After trying a huge amount of methods to gain some sort of shortcut in the stopping process here are my tips i find work best. - Ice. You want to stop you nose bleeding as quickly as possible, grab a few ice cubes, wrap them up in something, and press against offending side of nose (just press against the outside, as near as possible to the perceived point of bleeding). This usually stopped the bleeding completely within 10 minutes. Use one hand to hold the ice in poistion, the other hand hold the tissue on the nostril. - Relax. Theres nothing worse for your nosebleed than getting worked up and getting your heart pumping faster (eg, engaging in an argument, walking around, laughing, crying, starjumps, whatever ). This can make the nosebleed unstoppable and very heavy if you get worked up. Just sit back (dont sleep) and breath slowly, get that pulse down low. These are my main two tips. As for what you shouldnt do, try not to swallow blood, dont lean back, any blood coming from your nose, should be directed out of the body, not back in, have a bowl ready for the not so nice job of spitting any blood that will go down your throat back out. Remember you are waiting for the clot to form. Once that happnens, it should be over, once the clot has formed (you should know by either felling it in the back of your throat if you didnt lean over to much, this is why I would say to to lean to far foward, because the easiest way of getting rid of the clot is to cough it up through your mouth) you need to get rid of it. Obviously differant people have differant issues. Some people's nosebleeds will be from the back of the nose, some from the front, some will have very large clots some will have smaller. The main issue is its important to try to avoid the clot that will form to travel back into your body. If the clot has formed nearer the front of the nose, you will find it harder to cough up, you should be able to feel around and pull it out. Dont blow your nose! Be sure the bleeding has fully stopped and dont be in a rush to remove the clot, its there to stop the bleeding remember, so any early removal could mean you starting all over again with your nosebleed. As for the method of "pinching your nose", this may be applicable to an accidental nosebleed to sufferers who dont get regular nosebleeds, for example, if you have broken your nose, but for people who just have weak capilleries (veins) in thier nose, this may be innefective and very uncomfortable. Go for the ice instead.
  • I worked in the ER for 10 years and the best way we used was to put your index finger between your upper lip and your gum as far up as it will go and put pressure on the bone there on the side of the bleed. You are actually pressing on where the blood is coming from. I have taught all three of my children this. It works!
  • Cauterize the wound.
  • Pinch your nose, hold a tissue to it and put your head forwards. That always worked for me when I was a kid (I used to get alot of them). I seem to recall that the traditional "head back" advice was wrong. But it's been years since I have had one so I don't know the current thought on it :)
  • You may have to go to the hospital and get the little capaliaries(may have spelt that wrong)burnt.This will stop them if you get them often.Get them checked if this is the case,it may be a sign of something else.Sorry if I scared you but early detection of anything is only good. A regular nose bleed will subside if you just put a little presure on the outside of your nose, do not tilt your head back.A cold cloth on the back of the neck helps the patient feel better.
  • The Red Cross teaches that you should pinch the nostrils together and lean forward....holding your nostrils together for several minutes until the bleeding subsides. Do NOT tip your head can also pinch between the eyes, high up on your nose...that's supposed to help too.
  • The medical way is to pinch the nostrils together, to induce clotting. For stubborn and re-occurring nosebleeds, you can have blood vessels inside the nose cauterized to seal them for good. By the way keithold, the Chinese have a traditional "natural" method of stopping nosebleeds. I learned this from my grandmother. You take a leafy piece of bok choy (a dark leafy green vegetable) and roll it into a bundle after crushing it a bit to release some of the oxalic juice in the leaf. Stick the rolled leaf into the bleeding nostril. The stringent nature of the oxalic acid is supposed to curb the bleeding and make it stop. I used to get that treatment as a child, and it seemed to work.
  • Lean forward and pinch the nostrils together.
  • It isn't right to hold your head back, like they used to...Just keep your head straight and squeeze your nose right before the bone starts. If that doesn't help after 5 minutes you can also crush up some ice and keep it in your mouth. That constricts the vessels in your nose. Ususally, when a hugh clot, like a big red worm comes out, then the bleed is over. Make sure you keep holding your nose with kleenex when the ice is in your mouth.
  • Applying an ice pack to the back of the neck also will help, while pinching the bridge of the nose,while leaning foreward.
  • Stop picking your nose when the air is dry.
  • Lying with the head lower than the body, holding your nose with two fingers. Than find out why it bled in the first place.
  • Lean your head forward tucking your chin to your chest and put an ice pack on the back of your neck. The ice will help it to clot faster and leaning forward will prevent you from choking on the clot.
  • Lean your head forward and pinch your nose just beneath the bridge until it stops bleeding. You'll hear lean the head back. This is old, and currently false advice.
  • Remove the heart.
  • idk, i always got them my whole life, and when i do (if i'm at home) i just let it bleed until the blood clot gets out. yeah it sounds gross but it stops after that happends. luckily i haven't gotten one in over 3 years now! great now i hope i don't jinx myself!
  • i asked a similar question some time ago... i was told to hold my head down, i believe. *here is the link to my question and the answers:
  • tilt your head and squeeze your nose with a tissue but not to tight it also helps to rub ice on ur forehead to cool ur self down i suffer alot of nose bleeds during the summer lol
  • Lie down and have someone put a cold compression on your forehead. My mother had done this for me and it worked. However if the bleeding persists you must consult an ENT specialist immediately. Remember, do not delay, okay?
  • You mean you've never seen "She's the Man"!! Best solution ever!!
  • Simply use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the bottom of nose closed. Hold for 10-20 minutes. Apply a cold press to the nose/face area too, to help close the blood vessels.
  • DUDE!!!! get your nose carterized. this is the best medical choice I ever made. I was 19 and while I had had bloody noses my entire life, for about 3 months I was losing about a quarter to half a cup twice a day. a doctor asked me if I was a vegitarian because my blood work said I was iron deficient, I laughed because I am very much a carnevore and average 1/2 to 1 pound of beef a day. she sent me to an ENT and he carterized my nose, while I though he was still numbing I asked how much the procedure would hurt, he was already half way done. aside from very mild recovery ones, I have not had a bloody nose since

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