• I think you'll be able to get a license once your suspension is over assuming Minnesota doesn't have a restriction on the number of DWIs you can get before you lose your license forever; you didn't mention how long your suspension was. They would be unable able to give you a license before the end of the suspension because that is a criminal sentence from a court. So if you were suspended for 2 years and it's only been a year you'll probably have to wait at least another year.
  • That's 10 yrs loss of license in N.J., Unless you had a great lawyer. As long as there is no reciprocity between Minn. and N.J. on licenses your good. If not, find some place that is or clean up your act and wait it out. I learned all about this the hard way.
  • Wait a gosh darned minute! Please notify me any time you intend to drive so that I can make certain that my family is off the roads! ;-) We are very forgiving here. I believe that you can obtain a restricted license that would allow you to drive to and from work. You must also obtain high-risk auto insurance. Presumably you have learned your lesson and will not endanger the lives of others ... ESPECIALLY on this Thanksgiving "sweeps" weekend. I presume that the State Troopers will bag their limit. Don't be one of them. Good luck. ;-)
  • I would do this, I go into a program to clean up my act to make sure I will not commit another offense like that. Here in Texas, There is a driver surcharge program that means if you get 3 tickets, it is 1 point. with 1 point, you have to pay the fine each year for 3 years. This means if you were to um get a 750 dollar fine for DWI, you will have to pay in 750 for 3 years. This is just for the DWI. Texas has dropped in the DWI cases almost a 1/3. My suggestion is to drink soft drinks, or water, make some tea or lemonade.

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