• Not in the sense that one can be addicted to tea the way one is addicted to heroine or cocaine. It's possible if you drink the caffienated teas enough that you will come to depend on the caffeine boost that the tea gives you, but the same can be said of coffe and soda. Herbal teas are completely unaddictive.
  • Yes… Well ...No. Actually the tea drinking can become habitual (like addiction) but not physically addictive. If the tea has caffeine then you can become addicted to caffeine. My great-grandmother had her daily cup of tea for decades and one year gave up her tea for lent. After a couple of weeks she developed horrible headaches. Her doctor informed her that she had become addicted to caffeine and that she was having withdraw symptoms. She decided to give up caffeinated tea for life because of it.
  • Yes you can. The caffiene is what does it.
  • Addiction is a myth; there is no such thing. It's a convenient explanation for certain behavior set up to perpetuate the status of social workers, medical professionals, and others selling cures for non-existent diseases. For instance, there is no difficulty involved in quitting smoking. Those who smoke do it because they enjoy it and prefer it to the alternative. And so it is with alcohol, drugs, gambling and all other so-called addiction fantasies dreamed up by vested interests. We could say that we have become "addicted" to cures for addiction, that is, if addiction were reality and not fantasy. It's time to tell the experts to go do something to themselves and for the rest of us to grow up.
  • My husband says he needs 2 IV's one in each arm to deliver tea to his system at all
  • You don't come addicted to he tea, you become addicted to the caffine in the tea. Try drink an herberal tea or one without caffine in it.
  • I dont know but i sure do love it
  • I hope not. Even if I were addicted i think that addiction is better than some others.

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